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Does Ron Popeil's 5in1 Fryer Really Work?

Do you love to eat fried food but you hate the difficulty and the mess that frying food at home can bring? With Ron Popeil’s 5in1 Fryer, frying foods just might not cause the above mentioned problems anymore. The inventor claims that the Fryer will be able to fry food fast and without any hassle at all. To use, simply add some oil into the Fryer as instructed, place the food that you want to fry inside the machine, seal the lid, press button and the machine will do the rest. Thanks to its unique frying action, Ron Popeil’s 5 in 1 Fryer can easily fry food in significantly less time than conventional methods yet at the same time locks in the flavour and moisture that your food ingredients naturally have. Also, the Fryer can be used for steaming, boiling as well as baking so the manufacturer promises that it is one cooking machine that you will find to be a very useful addition to your kitchen.

Ron Popeil’s 5in1 Fryer Reviews

Yes - Awesome product
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I can’t imagine anyone questioning whether it works!! It’s a terrific product. Last week, my daughters came home from college. They couldn’t wait to have some homemade food. My youngest daughter was craving some doughnuts (her “guilty pleasure” food) and within 15 minutes I had the oil heated and doughnuts fried. It helped that I had some biscuit tubes (the kind that “pop” when you open them) in the fridge. She then decorated them wth icing and chocolate sprinkles and was a HAPPY camper! A few nights later, my oldest had a bunch of her high school friends over and of course they were all starved! So, I took the fryer out again and made enough taquitos to feed what seemed like a small army. And all of that was just in one week. I highly recommend this product.

Kate Gantman
December 22nd, 2015
West Hills
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Yes - Great Fryer
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My wife went through three different fryers before I bought her this one for Christmas. She absolutely LOVES it. There is no mess, it is easy to clean and we have all kinds of fried food. Chicken Karaage, Fried Chips, Korokke, Tempura, Pork Tonkatsu and more. This is a MUST HAVE appliance for every kitchen.

December 22nd, 2015
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Yes - Love the fryer
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I love the fryer, makes fabulous turkey! and it does steaming too .. versatile and efficient!

November 30th, 2015
North Royalton, Ohio
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Yes - Great Fryer for the money
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First off, I want to say that I adore Ron Popeil. His Showtime Rotisserie is still going strong in my kitchen. That said, his latest invention which took a while to come to market from what I can tell is a great fryer with lots of bells and whistles included. First, it fries a 15 pound turkey in less than an hour on the kitchen counter. It also has more watts than other fryers so the oil heats up more quickly than I would have expected. I have always wanted to buy one of those outdoor fryers but was afraid of the safety issues and the mess and the weight. Ron’s fryer does the job. It has a lid that drops down so you don’t get splashed , and some other safety features (cord that breaks off easily, holes in the machine if there’s overflow). It also comes with a carving stand so you can carve the meat right off the turkey after it’s done without any hassle. That is a really fun feature. Also it is called a 5 in 1 because it also steams food. My friend who is a chef uses it to make large amounts of poached eggs using steam (water instead of oil in the machine) for brunch and there are bakery cups for muffins and cupcakes included as well as a large rectangle baking container for making breads and cakes (you “steam bake”). The recipes in the booklet are good, at least the pizza bread I made which blew my family away. I haven’t used it for all 5 functions yet. For me, it does a great job just as a fryer and steamer. It does large quantities even though it’s smaller than other fryers. Great for parties.The fryer basket that comes with it has pieces that serve both as a lid and something to separate your food in your basket. This allows you to do large amounts of food without having to flip the food over as it holds it down under the oil. And, if you want to do two different types of food at one time, you can separate it in the basket ahead of time and do it all at once. Pretty slick. Leave it to Ron Popeil to think of everything.

Missy Mehtarian
April 21st, 2015
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