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Does Relaxo Bak Really Work?

Usually people try to ease lower back pain by positioning an added pillow between their back and the back seat. But clinically proven Relaxo Bak claims that it can appease lower back pains of many people. Relaxo Bak does the job by providing cushioning at the tailbone. Relaxo Bak’s cushions and seats lend comfort and relief from lower back discomfort enhancing quality of life, they claim. The method by which they do this is patented, they say. With Relaxo Bak, your tailbone never touches the seat, and your body weight is distributed evenly against the comfort cushion through your buttocks, they claim. In this way, they say, Relaxo Bak addresses the main source of the cause of lower back pain. Normal seats are made so that your entire body weight pushes your tailbone against the seating surface. The normal seat design creates spinal pressure that leads to commonly felt lower back pain, they say. Whith Relaxo Bak the bones of the lower pelvis are given a firm base of positioning, they say. In so doing, RelaxoBak Seating Products allow the tailbone to “float,” producing a chain reaction of relaxation of the low back muscles on up the spine.

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