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Does Relax ALLY Really Work?

If you travel a lot then you are most likely familiar with how difficult it can get to try and sleep on the airplane or bus seat as sleeping while sitting will actually cause your head to bob which can be very distracting and can also cause issues with the people beside you. If you want to have a great and comfortable sleeping experience while sitting down then the Relax ALLY is a product that might be able to help you. The manufacturer claims that this product will help keep your head in place when sleeping while sitting down. The RelaxALLY buckles to virtually any size and shape of headrest. Once the buckle is fastened, you can then wear the eye mask that is attached to the Relax ALLY and that you should be able to easily adjust it for maximum comfort. With the Relax ALLY eye mask on, the manufacturer promises that your head will not move around while you sleep, allowing you to stay in position and sleep comfortable without having to worry about your head’s movement.

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