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Does Rejuvenate Auto Really Work?

Cleaning the car is taxing, and there is the danger of scratches from dirt, oxidation, or other harmful substances to the car’s surface.  Enter Rejuvenate Auto, which can purportedly remove dirt gently.  Its special formula seals in the car’s finish for a long lasting shine.  The spray eliminates the toughest dirt, and fills in scratches.  Your car will look brand new, of showroom quality, they say.

And all this is possible with a 15-minute waterless wash and wax, they claim.  Rejuvenate Auto is also better than water-jets in drive-through carwashes, which can affect your paint, they say.

The surfactants of Rejuvenate Auto deep clean, and the polymers fill the scratches.  This is finished with Camauba Wax for added protection from acid rain, watermarks, and the like.  Rejuvenate Auto is the choice of exotic car enthusiasts, and is endorsed by the National Corvette Owners Association.

Rejuvenate Auto Reviews

Yes - Great Product
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I have used this product ever since it was demoed on QVC. I Love It.
It makes my cars look brand new!
It only takes me 15 minutes to do a Chevy Blazer, and I use this all the time. Inside as well.

August 11th, 2013
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No - Be Careful
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This is not a wash and wax. It is a detailer. If you apply this to a dirty car, you’ll soil your mitt or cloths in seconds then you’re just dragging particles of dirt across your paint. If you are going to use this, wash the car first….thoroughly then apply this stuff. It’s really not worth the money because it’ll do a crappy job waxing the car. […]

April 16th, 2013
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