Recent Product Reviews

TBX-Free - So easy
Dina from Doylestown, Ohio says:
I absolutely love TBX-FREE ! It was very easy for me. From the day I received them I have not picked up a cigarette. 20 days smoke free! ... Read more
HurriClean - Junk
Bill from Ohio says:
Put in tank, didn't even foam, granules just floated around. left in 6 hours. Nothing cleaned at all. Save your money. ... Read more
FiberFix - Awesome Product!
Kirst from Utah says:
I love FiberFix! It works so well and really does harden like steel. I would definitely recommend it! ... Read more
GP66 Miracle Cleaner - Great for tough jobs
AD from El Paso, TX says:
Here in the high desert, unwanted dirt and grime gets "baked into" tools, lawn furniture and cars; GP 66 takes care of that. It's also great for removal of ball ... Read more
Zapp Light - Too Big
John Simpson from Ohio says:
It is so big (circumference) that it won't fit into my porch light fixture. Plus I don't know how a moth could possibly fit in between the plastic bars. Maybe ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Just bought it
Hey says:
I just bought it I used it on my tablet for 1 minute and it worked so yeah try it. ... Read more
Flippin Fantastic - Flippin Sucks
Christine says:
Sorry money making product. Whatever you are making it leaks all over the pan and makes a flippin huge mess I am definitely taking this back and rating it a ... Read more
MyPurMist - Just another throw away device
David says:
Mypuremist lasted me 1 year 4 months. Rarely used other then allergy season. Customer service just wanted to argue with me. This is just a throw away device after not ... Read more
FixMeStick - The best
Costner from Fort Lawn says:
I have used the fix me stick since it came out and it has kept my computer running like new. I am very pleased with it. Now I don't have ... Read more
Air Dragon - Air Dragon doesn't work
Ken from Aurora, Colorado says:
My Air Dragon did not do anything. I called to send it back. Waiting for refund and tossing it in the trash. CHINA made JUNK. ... Read more
Juwai - Save Your Money
Clive says: doesn't work, Spend your money elsewhere. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Works great
John from Jackson says:
I wanted a 2 lights for my back patio. They works great and will purchase one for my mom to help her enter the side garage door. ... Read more
20 Minute Dental White RX - Waste of time and money
Miranda from Ohio says:
I would not recommend this product to any one. Doesn't work like they advertise. Just save your $20 and spend it on something you will actually get results out of. ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Thought it was just me
M Cov says:
I googled "Pocket Juice turns off after a minute" and got this site. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but evidently this is a common problem. It wasn't ... Read more
Flippin Fantastic - Don't buy
Margaret Jones from West Virginia says:
I just cleaned up a horrible mess ruined my eggs I followed directions exactly ... Read more
TBX-Free - Customer Service Lacking
Charles Barnett from Escondido, Ca says:
I ordered TBX-Free over a month ago. I was told it would be sent by "priority mail" but I still have not received it....I received a confirmation number by e-mail ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Waste of Money
Victor Tam from Alberta says:
One of the lights works when it feels like working. Does not normally work in the dark.When I phoned them, they were not interested in my story - all they ... Read more
20 Minute Dental White RX - Waste of money
Ashley from North Dakota says:
I literally see no difference. It don't work at all. Wish I wouldnt of wasted $20 on it, my bad ... Read more
YBF Eyebrow Pencil - Not That Great
Julie from MO says:
It's not any better than any of the others I've tried. It makes false statements. ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Does not work on iphone 6 plus
Terry from Saylorsburg says:
I have tried every which way it will not charge my phone dead or with 30 % power ... Read more
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm - Best lip balm ever
Jamie Trull from North Carolina says:
Love love this stuff! Wish it wasn't so expensive for all their stuff but love the lip balm ... Read more
Frontline Plus - Doesn't work on my dog or cats
Jamie Trull from North Carolina says:
I've tried this product twice and it does not work on my animals but Advantage works great for me. To be fair the Advantage doesn't work for my sister's cats ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - So far so good
Jamie Trull from Southeast North Carolina says:
I picked this up about 2 weeks ago for my mom. Her outside light didn't quite reach out far enough for her dim Vision. Picked up one just to see ... Read more
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion - Gold Bond Works
Julie from Missouri says:
I have found this to be the best lotion on the market. It really softens & moistures your skin. The best part is that it soaks right into your skin ... Read more
Orbit Duster - Where is my Orbit Duster
Consuelo McCuin from Pahrump, NV says:
I ordered it on Jan. 14th 2016 my order number is 20911535 yet here it is March 9th. 2017 and I haven't received it. ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Pocket Juice is Horrible
Mia from VA says:
PocketJuice is the WORST external battery charger I have EVER BOUGHT! It doesn’t charge up fast, it DOES NOT have enough juice to charge your phone twice, and it DOES ... Read more
HD Cable Stick - Wonderful
Bob from Pennsylvania says:
I get all the local channels like HD. The other (10+)channels are very good. Wanted to buy another but guess they are not available. Reception probably has to do with ... Read more
Copper Fit Step FX - Does not work and customer support - no response
Gary from Denver says:
Got the copper fit and put the battery in and the screen was blank! Checked battery voltage - it was fine. I could get the same results strapping a rock ... Read more
Iodine Plus 2 - Thyroid Miracle
Donna Vana from GA says:
I have taken Iodine Plus 2 for several months now. I did not tell my thyroid doctor I was using this instead of my thyroid medicine. When I went in ... Read more
Professor Amos Shock It Clean - Best grout cleaner!
Ruby from Cape Coral, FL says:
I was skeptical of this $20 a bottle stuff. Asked the lady demoing it if it worked on grout. She honestly said she wasn't sure. I was impressed at what ... Read more