Recent Product Reviews

Blake Blaster - Better than yoga wedge
Kim from Stanford, Ct says:
So when I first saw the Blake Blaster I did not order because I at my gym they have these small foam yoga wedges. So I tried to use the ... Read more
Bactronix - It really does work!
Tracy from North Hills says:
I purchased BactroKill to eliminate odors such as Cigarette smoke because I am a smoker. It really does work!! It kills odors on contact or on any fabric. I use ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Such a crock
Dawn West from Michigan says:
Light worked for 24 hours and thats it. What a rip off!!!!!! ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Product Fails
Terry from Peoria, IL says:
I bought six units. I have tried to fix one because battery wiring came lose. It finally totally failed. I have another that has quit working. I have one that ... Read more
Tria Laser - Wouldn't hold a charge
Marilyn from Washington says:
Battery wouldn't hold a charge after about 10 hours of use. No reply from company. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Placement
Lu Martin says:
Nothing on package (or inside) states you need continual southern exposure for long hours for this product to work. If you do, it may do okay. Size does not allow ... Read more
Shed Pal - Not powerful
Frankie from Los Angeles says:
not powerful, if that is what you are looking for go elsewhere like use your vacuum cleaner. it's decent, works as expected. I suppose maybe it would have more power ... Read more
It Cosmetics - Really does work
Lesa from Florida says:
I have not found a product in the I.T. Cosmetic line that I don't like. Ordering is easy and delivery very reasonable. ... Read more
Magic Sleek - Amazing! All Natural & Safe!
Jessie from NJ says:
There are no harsh chemicals, especially formaldehyde! I was blown away to hear that for one thing! My frizzy hair was turned into a silky smooth work of art after ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Crap
Greg says:
Product sucks. Failed after about 3 months. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Very Disppointed
KG from New Mexico says:
We were very excited to get these as we live in the country and it is DARK when the sun goes down. Worked good for approximately 2 weeks, then one ... Read more
Climb-Ease - S&H way too much
Rita from Pennsylvania says:
Way too much for S&H. You try to attract customers for a really useful product but extra $20 it's too much. ... Read more
Futzuki - Futzuki works
William from New Iberia says:
Man does this thing work. It feels really good on my feet. ... Read more
Handy Heater - Don't Waste Your Money
Dona from Colorado says:
Advertised to use in any outlet - not true. Must have a three prong outlet - cannot use an adapter. Puts out virtually no heat. Save your money and purchase ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Stopped working
Nandor Horthy from Toronto ON says:
They worked OK for a few days and that's it. Money thrown out the window. ... Read more
Click It Belt - Needs improvement
Fred Hattman from NC says:
Belt does not hold at buckle. Needs improvement. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Motion detector
Fred Hattman from NC says:
Bought 2 motion detectors. Only works on 1. ... Read more
Rodent Sheriff - False advertising
Adrian from California says:
I don't see why infomercials are even allowed or why you watch anytime they say ( But wait but now and we will give you a Free bottle) that's when ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Good idea that's not working
Renee Jones from Baltimore Maryland says:
Either the sun is failing in its RAYS or product not working the latter ... Read more
Cebria - Excellent Results
Susan Isaksson from MN says:
Excellent product. My focus and quick recall are critical skills in keeping my career going at age 62+. I have more energy now too. People at my work comment that ... Read more
Free TV Key - No good
Willie Thomas from Huntsville TX says:
That's not for everybody. Everybody can buy. It won't get many channels ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Pocket Juice Works Fine
Brooke from USA says:
Hi my brother bought the pocket juice and left it at home. I'm 18 and my battery was at 10% It's now at 89% For those of you that said ... Read more
5 Second Fix - Worthless
Rose Jones from Texas says:
Tried it on many different items didn't work on any of them, total waste of money ... Read more
Free TV Key - Absolutely worthless
Timothy White from Lakin, KS says:
I live in town. Plugged in, absolutely nothing. Moved around the house, nothing. Too late to return. Very, very unsatisfied customer. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Junk
R H says:
Dont but this light one worked the other didn't than the one that did work petered out in 30 days tried to get new ones through customer service but they ... Read more
MyPurMist - Do Not Buy!
JS from Mercer Island, Washington says:
This company is just horrible. First device stopped working after a 5 months... replacement device they sent me didn't work... 2nd replacement device didn't work... 3rd replacement is faulty too.... ... Read more
Super D 5000 - You can feel the power surge
Jerry Massey from Detroit, Michigan says:
You can feel the power surge and the immediate energy. ... Read more
Shower Wow - It works!
Karyn from Ada, Ohio says:
I don't know how, but it works. I kept putting my daughter off for about 3 months because I loved our shower head and it's incredible power that was already ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Happy
Devern Smith from Minnesota says:
1st. I charged my lights up really good. I reorder once and been very pleased. Mine have been up over 90 days and all 4 work very well.. ... Read more
TBX-Free - Rip Off
Becca from Mississippi says:
I ordered this product thinking it would help me to quit smoking. NO...Nothing. Anyway. I ordered a 1 mo. supply to see how it would work. Next month I received ... Read more