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TBX-Free - Is working for me
Debbie from TX says:
I ordered mine from Amazon and it came on time without me worrying about auto ship issues. I got it on a Friday and that same Friday smoked my last ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - "Neverbrite"
Gwen from New York says:
I was so hoping that this would work. The size was perfect, and the construction is sturdy. Unfortunately, those are the only good things about the product. It worked for ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Waste of $10
Renee Sizemore says:
Absolutely WILL NOT work. The device itself is fully charged, flashlight works, but it won't charge anything I plug it in to. Guess I can always use the flashlight, and ... Read more
Juwai - Not worth trying
Ray E from Australia says:
Your listing gets swamped, you never get an enquiry, they don't care about customer service, they don't update your listing, you get nothing. Piss nothing ... Read more
Robo Twist - Very pleased
Ann Griffiths from Arlington VA says:
Product came in 2 weeks. Works as advertised. Very pleased with the product. ... Read more
Dr. Frank's Pet Pain Spray - Total Blessing!
Amber from Alaska says:
My 1yr old pit bull was hit by a car & after $7,000 & the ball of her femur being cut off she wouldn't put any weight on her leg. ... Read more
The Kure - Virus gets thru The Kure
John Smith says:
My laptop acquired 2 viruses being protected by the Kure. Both viruses were Worm Kits ID' by Kapersky's TDSS Killer. The HP helpdesk said I should uninstall all antivus and ... Read more
Professor Amos Shock It Clean - Can't get it to work
Carol-Lyn from CT says:
I have been happy with his other products. BUT this is Awful. I could be using plain water. I put the 1 oz into the spray bottle and used the ... Read more
Eye Complex CS - Will not work for persons who have retina problems
JR Vetter from MD says:
These pills will not work for persons who have retina problems such as a macula hole. ... Read more
Genesis 950 - Yes, It Works
Tonya says:
By far the best cleaning product I've ever used. Initially bought it for pet stains. Started out with a quart. Works so well I buy the biggest size now and ... Read more
Handy Heater - Scam
S Carter says:
Paid $48.97 for 2 units, cost $18.50 to return, refunded $29.99. The heaters are useless, a lighter puts off more heat. This company is making money off of the Postage ... Read more
Sani Sticks - What a rip off
Jan Snell from Florida says:
I wasted $9.98 on Sanisticks. They did nothing my drain still smells. Total waste of money. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Defective
George Lucas from Sauk Village, Illinois says:
Product worked for a couple of weeks then went dead. Would not re charge in sun light. Big win for the company big loss for the customer. A no confidence ... Read more
TBX-Free - Great
SS from Hot Springs, Arkansas says:
I received TBX free on about 2 weeks after ordering and am on my 3rd day which I have not smoke not one cigarette today and yesterday I smoked only ... Read more
Flippin Fantastic - Would give Zero if I could
Anne from VA says:
Enjoyed the previous comments. I've noticed how many of these silicon products come out of China, colored red, that are a piece of crap. In China, red means prosperity. Yep, ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Doesn't Work
Gwen from New York says:
Great infomercials, but product didn't work. I've bought dollar store lights for a buck that work better. This company should provide a refund to make good on their failed product. ... Read more
MyPurMist - I like it so far
Lois from Florida says:
So far I like it. You can get distilled water at most grocery stores. Located in the water area. So Distilled water is not very hard to find. I like ... Read more
Star Shower Laser Lights - Disappointment
Jami Morris says:
My elderly Aunt and Uncle got 2 both lasted 1 christmas. And doesn't work. And they tried to take back to Homedepot they wouldn't take back they lost the reciept ... Read more
PokeBoo - Keeps Cat Interested And Happy
John Calabro from Freehold, NJ says:
I had my family cat introduced to a Pokeboo and within 4 minutes he was playing with the ball, scratching the top surface, and when we flipped it over he ... Read more
The Kure - Impressive
Emily Staruk from Idaho says:
I would like to share about the support. I always test out support when buying online services. In this case I contacted Kure Support at before I purchased just ... Read more
Libido-Max - Working so far
Joe Arellano from Las Cruces says:
I'm a 56 year old man and don't normally have a problem getting a hard on. Lately, I've had to play with myself to get an erection, but I do ... Read more
Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid - Satisfied Hearing
Eddie Hostetter from NewBoston Mo. says:
I have had my rechargeable Bionic Ear for 4 or 5 years. No problems very satisfied still running same battery. am thinking about getting one for my wife. ... Read more
The Kure - Pretty Cool
Dominic Salvatore from NM says:
There is no need for updates with this. Works like magic. Computer takes a couple seconds longer to boot but I sleep well at night knowing nothing - even my ... Read more
Free TV Key - Piece of Crap
Max from South Carolina says:
Totaly worthless rrrriiippppooooffff ... Read more
Plexaderm - Ask a Gay man...
Bobby Tumbleweed from Portland, OR says:
Any drag queen will have recognized instantly during their first view of a Plexaderm commercial what was happening: All Plexaderm, or derivatives are, is the application of the original formula ... Read more
Plexaderm - Don't do it!
Suzanne from CA says:
A very expensive lesson learned. Too good to be true. I would not recommend. ... Read more
Libido-Max - Still looking
Eduardo Cavazos from Texas says:
You all told me that it was going to make my penis longer and thicker on my shaft and longer erection and give me a longer performs in the bedroom ... Read more
The Kure - Like a Stop Sign for your computer
Mike Ryan from Arizona says:
After 9 hours of tech Support and running so slow, I uminstatlled this crud. Don't be fooled by advertising, it doesn't work!!My computer was brand new with 16GB of RAM ... Read more
Slip On Pedi - Second pair never got
Rosemary Sanders from Canada says:
Got one pair and no second one. Called company and she said there was a problem and my second pair would be sent immediately. Has to be six weeks and ... Read more
The Kure - Excellent techs
Bruce Kersman from Allentown, PA says:
Initially there were some issues but, since then, they worked through it and have had great success ever since. THEIR TECHS ARE THE BEST !!! ... Read more