Recent Product Reviews

Bavarian Edge - Ordered 2 1/2 weeks ago!
Robyn from Oregon says:
So yeah, I ordered this and after over 2 weeks of not hearing anything, I thought I'd check my order number on their website. Their website no longer seems to ... Read more
Kranse Institute SAT Course - Happy about saving $200 on enrollment
Rachael Hoffman from San Diego, CA says:
My daughter took the Kranse Institute PSAT/SAT prep course this year before here test date in March. We were very happy that a coupon code SMART got us $200 off ... Read more
TV Free-Way - Waste of money!
Claudia Withrow from South Carolina says:
Excited to get this, but wondered as I ordered from this company, but mine does not, for one, have the large white letters on stick. It is just a plain ... Read more
FEG Eyelash Enhancer - Eyebrow serum works!
Wendy from The Netherlands says:
The wimper serum I'm still not sure about. But the eyebrow serum works! It takes a while...(used it for 4 months)n but I absolutely see the difference. My eyebrows are ... Read more
Jeunesse Instantly Ageless - Waste of money
Wendy from The Netherlands says:
This product absolutely does not work! Tried it several times. ... Read more
Cat’s Meow - Don't wast your money on this
Wendy from The Netherlands says:
We bought the cat's meow for our cat. He's afraid of it because it makes so much noise! After trying for 2 weeks we took the device to my parents ... Read more
Outback Pain Relief - Fantastic Product
Jim from Shawnee KS says:
I'm 64 and have severe foot problems (nodes on my arches 4 left foot 5 right foot) degenerative arthritis in my neck and back, bad knee and a bad disk ... Read more
Worx HydroShot - Needs more pressure
Frank from Omaha, NE. says:
I purchased the HydroShot from Home Depo after seeing it on T. V. and couldn't wait to try it. And was very disappointed. the pressure was very poor and had ... Read more
HurryCane - What Pivoting Head
Carol Larson from St. George, Utah says:
After I saw the commercials I was excited to try this product. I have a regular cane and thought that this cane would improve my mobility. It was no better ... Read more
InVinceable - Great for Tiles
Berko from Au says:
I got Arthritis in my wrists, so find it hard to scrub, inVINCEable works great on Tiles, spray it on, leave it then wipe it off, gonna buy more ... Read more
Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid - Never worked
James D Wright from Pittstown N.J. says:
Its never worked for more than a minute ... Read more
Sani Sticks - I wish I figure out how to get my money back
Nancy Kiefer from Eagan, MN says:
It does work. ... Read more
Pocket Hose Dura-Rib - No good
Jens Munk says:
Fine for one month then it blows up,very bad. ... Read more
Distinction by Leigh Valentine - Great! Best on the market!
Trudy Moore from Yacolt, WA says:
I've used the mask for over 10 years and although I've tried many products I've never found anything that compares. ... Read more
Zapp Light - Zapp Light Good Idea But
L D P from Texas says:
I bought a Zapplight Duel at Walmart. As the above review stated the light is too big. I tried to use it inside in a standard lamp. I had to ... Read more
Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures - Book is incredible
Kerby from Los Angeles says:
To be negative about such an incredible book that avoids poison is insane. Your going to attempt to trash this Green and effective book because your to cheap to buy ... Read more
Clear TV - Wish I got more channels
Joan from Brooklyn, New York says:
The Clear TV is very nice. Only thing I find is not enough channels. I only can get 4 channels which is 5, 2, Get tv, and Decades which is ... Read more
XHose - NO
Maroš from Slovakia says:
Catastrophic ... Read more
TBX-Free - Smoke free.
Tammy from Austin Tx says:
I ordered this product after reading about it, what did I have to loose. After 1 month using tbx while still smoking, I can say I haven't had a cig ... Read more
Bidet Buddy - Works but leaks
Carmen Chavez from California says:
I love the concept, but after some use it developed a leak that I couldn't fix and had to uninstall, I really miss it. ... Read more
MaxiClimber - Few uses then breaks
Stephanie says:
I bought this from a Sears store back on June 30th 2016. After making sure assembly on my end was nice and tight I began to use it and it ... Read more
TBX-Free - So far so good
Linda from Menifee CA says:
I bought TBX Free on Amazon, received it in 2 days. Have been using TBX now for 7 days and so far so good. I smoked a pack a day ... Read more
Cebria - A Dream Come True
J. Mc from Washington says:
My fear of losing my memory is a thing of the past! I can't even begin to tell you how improved my memory is. Thank you Cebria, I'm very greatfull. ... Read more
Strapz by Spoiled Stilettos - Super Cool
Christine Forbes from Fort Lauderdale says:
I bought the black pair of crystal straps to dress up my favorite pair of my high heeled sandals-that I refuse to throw away by the way. It was so ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Android Pocket Flashlight
Barry from Quebec, Canada says:
Interestingly this device will charge my Apple devices, but not my Android devices!?! You'd think if a product would work that way, the company would say something! Not impressed. ... Read more
MiraLAX - Easy to use..gentle & effective !
Barry from Calif. says:
I use this product twice a week..mixed with a glass of fruit juice..and the difference it makes is amazing ! unlike pill form laxatives there are no "urgent sudden surprises" ... Read more
Dream Water - A great product !
Barry from Calif. says:
I work nights and this product tastes good, and helps me drift off to sleep easily with no chemical hangover (like Benedryl does ) ... Read more
Slim Panties 360 - Does not do what's advertised
Rclat from MS says:
Didn't support me the muffin top still showing. Didn't cover my back fat ... Read more
PrebioPhage - Prebiophage works!!!!!
William Yakel from Florida says:
I have been in severe pain and have had lots of intestinal inflammation and digestive problems such as not having normal bowel movements. Pain was so bad that I had ... Read more
RC Pocket Racers - Piece of junk and a waste of money!
Malia says:
The car would not pair with the remote, and therefore was useless. I followed the instructions exactly. I then tried a few other things. Nothing worked. If the car doesn't ... Read more