Recent Product Reviews

Powerizer - Awesome Cleaner
Angelo from Denver says:
Bought a tub at the National Western Stock Show in Jan 2017. They had a construction vest hanging with one side washed and one side unwashed. I'm a construction worker ... Read more
3 Second Brow - Disappointed
Stephanie O’Daniel from Montgomery Village Maryland says:
The 3 second brow stamps make brows too wide. It does not look like the model on the box. You look like a clown and I would never buy it ... Read more
Emery Cat - Yes it works
Wasabi from Chicago says:
I have a Bengal cat and he has very sharp and fast growing claws. He does not like having his claws trimmed and I am not convinced trimming is good ... Read more
Simply Straight - OK
Nancy McElhinny says:
Of course, Simply Straight does, in fact, apply heat to your hair. It does work, but it does not give me the finished look other straighteners usually give me. It ... Read more
Genie Bra - Don't waste your money
Robin Mueller from FL says:
To be honest, I have no idea if these bras work beacause I ordered 3 of them on April 4 20017 and today, May 24, I received an email from ... Read more
TBX-Free - Yes it works
Bill Newman from Arkansas says:
I have been smoking 40 years try a lot of things to quit that didn't work. Decided to try TBx-free used it for 60 days and I've been cigarette free ... Read more
Amazing Hummingbird Vine - Scam/hoax
Beth from Illinos says:
I ordered these and they were about a 4 inch twig with barely any roots. Since we were still having cold nights I immediately placed them in a pot hoping ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Broke
Felicisimo Jose from Oxnard, California says:
I need to return is not working. ... Read more
Tricalm - Beginning to think it was permanently there
Mary Jennifer Bounds says:
Believe there's hope yet ... Read more
Epismooth - Don't bother
Pam S from Oak Park, Illinois says:
This is a scam pure and simple. IF it actually manages to catch a hair, it hurts but not to worry, chances are it won't do any more than make ... Read more
Copper Crisper - Doesn't work..don't waste your money
Angie Yeo from Texas says:
I first tried chicken wings that I made myself. They didn't brown nearly as much as doing them in a regular sheet in the oven. Then I tried breaded riblets ... Read more
Shed Pal - Worthless
Shirley from DesMoines says:
Do not buy. This product is awful . I even tried new batteries . What a shame this is on the market . ... Read more
E-Charge Wallet - Works great
Bill from Michigan says:
It does everything is it suppose to do. I LOVE IT ... Read more
Mighty Putty Purple - Could use some more!
Charles Sigala from CA says:
I thought that I could easily order more of this product when I ran out, not so? It is soft and pliable and hardens very well. I really could use ... Read more
Frame for Me - I like these frames
Jana from Alma says:
I like these frames and will look good on the children's walls. ... Read more
Get Up and Go Cane - Great Cane
Tofig from KSA says:
I bought this Cane for my father. My father has difficulties in getting up. The Cane helped him greatly. Clear instruction on how to adjust the cane height and how ... Read more
Red Copper Pan - Unhappy
Johnnie from Texas says:
Everything I cook in this pan sticks and don't slide out. My pan scratches every time I use a metal spoon, have to use wooden spoons...I seasoned my pan when ... Read more
Dessert Bullet - Frozen Fruit Sorbet
Angela Passaro from Tampa, Florida says:
As directed, I defrost frozen blueberries, blackberries, and mango for a few minutes. Then I put the mixed fruit down the chute, without sugar, and out comes a healthy bowl ... Read more
The Kure - Bummer
Larry Brewer from Alabama says:
I bought 2 from QVC. Each one was for 2 PC's. The first one I tried downloaded ok. I assume it is working on both. I tried the other thumb ... Read more
Hover Cover - Magnets dont even stick
K G from CA says:
Hover cover was an awful experience. I tried to purchase one. before i knew it i had no choice but to purchase two at " special price" Two months later ... Read more
Plug and Safe - Security
Jacob M from Mansfield UK says:
I receved this product two day setting up good works as advertised opened front/back door it switched on light for 4 minutes,opened all windows lighting on,banged on windows lighting on,if ... Read more
Wonder Wallet - Amazing Wonder Wallet
Dr. Ramon de Torres from Hewitt, TX says:
Every wallet I've owned has had the credit card sleeve tear or fail. They're all plastic and tear, so what. This wallet protects my RFID enabled cards. That is what ... Read more
Debbie Meyer Genius Vac - Did not work
Tfirn from New York says:
Every single bag that came with kit lost there vacuum seal usually after one minute. ... Read more
Bike Nook - It does work but...
Leanne Ward says:
I recently purchased the bike nook for 3 bikes to make room in the garage since they could not be hung up. It was easy to put together and easy ... Read more
3 Second Brow - Might work for some
Tikkitopaz from Texas says:
The "light to dark" is actually very dark. And the sponges are very large. So if you naturally have very large and very dark brows, this product will work for ... Read more
5 Second Fix - Waste of money!
Bernadette Duineveld from The Netherlands says:
The mouth of the machine had a crack. Tried to fix it with 5secondfix. I should have been wiser. Waste of money! ... Read more
Microtouch Max - Don't buy
Jim from Wisconsin says:
Don't buy this! I bought one, it worked about 5 times. I sent an e-mail to the company but never received an answer. After I contacted the better business bureau, ... Read more
Care4Colon - Does not work
M McCoy from LA says:
Waste of money. Took for 4 straight weeks, absolutely no change to my condition. I did receive a refund check, but I had to pay to ship it back, and ... Read more
TouCan Can Opener - Got 2 Neither Worked!
Ruthy from MA says:
I thought when I got the first one that it was malfunctioning so I called and they gave me a second which also didn't work so now both boxes are ... Read more
Pouch Couch - Not Worth It!
Ruthy from MA says:
Could not fill with air and now my wrists hurt from trying so much. Use air pump , held corner of each side, filled with air, rolled over the end ... Read more