Recent Product Reviews

Nimbeze - Great product, great deal.
Ben Johnson says:
These are the best designed gadgets for helping me with stuff I can't do easily anymore. The price is lower than I've seen anywhere. ... Read more
HurryCane - Does not pivot
Janie says:
Does not pivot or stand alone so too expensive for what it is suppose to do. ... Read more
H2O Vac Turbo - Not worth it
Asim from Toronto, Canada says:
Pros: - Is a vacuum cleaner Cons: - Have to clean after every use else water will rot so bad it will smell like sewage (not exaggerating!) - Keeps automatically ... Read more
Professor Amos Shock It Clean - Scented water
Lisa says:
This is just nice smelling water. Does not do anything demonstrated.tried it on leather, stove top, stain, bathtub. Ended up using old cleaner. I would of giving a negative rating ... Read more
Groomaroo - Doesn't Work
Judy Anderson from Montana says:
No matter what I did or what direction I went, could not get any hair collected. It's a great idea if it worked. Would not recommend. Sorry. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Not worth it
Ginette Roy says:
I purchased 5 lights extra strong. They worked for 2-3 days and that's it. Complete waste of money. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - 2 weeks
Deb from Minnesota says:
I bought two lights, both quit working within 2 weeks!!!! ... Read more
Get Up and Go Cane - Love this cane!
Joyce Pendleton from Holts Summit, MO says:
Bought this cane about a month ago just to have it in case I needed a cane as my hip or back goes out occasionally. Well today, while bending to ... Read more
TBX-Free - It really works
Joanne Park from Montana says:
Been a pack a day smoker for 25 years and used TBX free and been smoke free for 6 months- amazing product! ... Read more
The Kure - Saved me a lot of trouble
Franklin from Michigan says:
I had The Kure installed when I got infected with some kind of ransom virus. Called the tech support for help and they were very quick to respond and did ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Don't waste your money
Maria from Houston,Tx says:
After a few charges,it quit working..... ... Read more
Magic Sketch - Poor Quality
Wendy from New York says:
This item is not as advertised. Because it is not backlit you have to be right under a light to even see what you are drawing. It was not even ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Does not work
Wendy from Maryland says:
Lasted 2 days, total waste of money. ... Read more
Little Black Pant - Great fit
Julie from Los Angeles says:
I am curvy not just in the hips and butt, but I also have chunky thighs. As I have aged, my waist is a little thicker than it used to ... Read more
Free TV Key -
Kim says:
We bought this, thank God it didn't cost much! We do live in a rural area, that is in 30 mile proximity of a major city. We didn't expect much, ... Read more
Robo Twist - Doesn't work
Steve from Greenville SC says:
Waited over three months for product to ship never got it. So I cancelled the order figured product would expire before getting. I did get one from the local stores ... Read more
Hair Wavz - Don't buy
Lorraine from Canada says:
Absolutely doesn't work .. the curls won't stay in your hair. After you pull hair through they just fall off.. I do not how they can advertise a product, show ... Read more
Microtouch Max - Lousy
Howard says:
Worked once and not well. Only the light turns on now with zero response from trimmer. Truly a piece of junk. ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Piece of junk
A. from Mn says:
Bought 2. One worked for one day. Moisture isn't its friend. Even tho it was in a covered entryway it quit working. The other one lasted a week. So, tv ... Read more
Adisorns Get Tall 1000 - Don't waste money
Prabulal from Nellikuppam says:
Don't waste money it does not work an mm ... Read more
Groomaroo - Waste of money
Richardson from Arizona says:
Took forever to figure out where the batteries went, no instructions. Finally started doing my dog a pom, and I got nothing. No hair No matter what I did I ... Read more
Slim Panties 360 - Not Happy
Vicki Amerson from SC says:
They do not work anything like what it shows on TV. I have a fat belly, and all it does is smooth it out to a round belly. It does ... Read more
Zaggora HotPants - Sweat more
Wilma from Nort America says:
I wore these religiously for 18 months while I toned up my body with walking on a treadmill and lifting weights. I spent 30 minutes, 5 days a week on ... Read more
Snap Up Shelf - Useless
Lois Skeet says:
Had it for 1 week and fell to floor 2nd day. It began slipping with little on it, so it was binned. This site is a goldmine of information on ... Read more
Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution - Okay
Kat from Indianapolis, IN says:
I purchased the Revolution because of YouTube videos and ratings. It was great initially; however, after using the cleaner 3-4 times, the brushes stopped working. Now it will not suck ... Read more
Free TV Key - Forget about Monthly Bills!
Shawn says:
Worked awesome for me, you people probably didn't plug it in properly... ... Read more
NoNo Skin - Bad experience
Stanley says:
Run out of battery after one or two usage although it's fully charge. Wrote to suport and no reply. Very bad experience. ... Read more
Copper Fit Gripper Socks - Cold feet
Pat Johnson from Brandon ms. says:
My feet stay cold when wearing. Love the feel other tan freezing feet! Why??? I wear them in the house with no shoes. ... Read more
RoboStir - Works great!
Pam K from Dayton, Oh says:
Love it. I don't use it often because I don't cook as much as I used to, but when I use it, it works great!! ... Read more
Copper Crisper - Not up to the title
Crystal from Massachusetts says:
Not good.😥 ... Read more