Recent Product Reviews

Hercules Hose - Failed product
Murrell from Alabama says:
I bought 2 of these the hose itself is find but cheap plastic connectors strip right out so you cant use your nozzle haven't figured a way to replace yet ... Read more
Reheatza Microwave Crisper - Does not crisp
Jeff from Iowa says:
Does not crisp up leftover thin crust pizza ... Read more
Outback Pain Relief - Works great
Teri from Pembroke, VA says:
I suffer from arthritis and fibro. The Outback Pain Relief works for both. So glad I found it. ... Read more
Black Cat Cougar - Excellent Machine
Zue Andrusyshyn from Florida says:
I have owned my Black Cat Cougar for years. It connects to your computer. It cuts all sorts of materials. It is extremely accurate and precise. I have watched "machines" ... Read more
Robo Twist - RoboTwist Jar Opener
Nob from Calgary, Canada says:
My wife and I are in our late 70's. We have had this device for several years and use it quite frequently. It always works for our satisfaction. I recently ... Read more
Reheatza Microwave Crisper - Reheatza caught my microwave on fire!
Becky from Texas says:
This product caught my microwave on fire during the 1st use! I read the entire manual before I put a piece of toast to reheat. ... Read more
Clear TV - Waste of Money!
Ronnie from Woodruff, SC says:
They put this on sale for 1/2 price. Now I know why, a piece of junk, would not even pick up local channels. I would have not taken it for ... Read more
HD Cable Stick - Scan First It Works!
Yeseye Haveone from High Point, NC says:
We have a small flat screen tv and had been using a flat sheet paper like antenna which worked pretty well, but needed a lot of adjusting as the earth ... Read more
Quick Clear - Yes--quick clear works!!
Mary S. from Georgia says:
I have had Herpes for 5 yrs and as many of you--felt like my life was over--I was ashamed and still don't like to talk to anyone about this. i ... Read more
Bavarian Edge - Bavarien Edge
Robert B Boehmer says:
Still waiting to receive my unit... ... Read more
Wonder Bible - Don't work right
Jean from 85251 says:
Try as I may, I can't get this Wonder Bible to work and speak the verses ... Read more
Blake Blaster - Incredible device
Holly from Hawaii says:
I have been working out for years and was so often unhappy with my results. I would get stuff and have pain in my joints. I definitely was not doing ... Read more
TagFree - No order fulfillment
Lily from California says:
I ordered this item in 2016. It was never shipped but was given notice it was backordered. In the early months of 2017 I was able to contact customer service. ... Read more
Free TV Key - Piece of junk
Bettie Tyree from Houston, TX says:
This apparatus does not work will not stand up when connected to tv, keeps falling and will not help with reception. This thing is no good! ... Read more
The Perfect Dog Command Collar - Broke in 30 seconds
Norm Reynolds from Philadelphia says:
I got this to help my 6 month yellow lad from pulling well it broke in 30 sec and away went my dog NEVER AGAIN DON NOT BUY TOTLA JUNK ... Read more
Shed Pal - It's a scam
Anabel says:
I ordered this product online in November 2017, just received it today, 12th January 2018. Okay I am in west australia but have ordered products from china before that have ... Read more
Theravent Snore Therapy - Snore
Dennis Ridden from AZ says:
I bought a box from CVS and returned them. ... Read more
Miracle Bamboo Bra - Sizing is a joke
JB from Georgia says:
They told my husband to order by my dress size. But that does not work when you have an F or G cup size and I do not own many ... Read more
Hover Cover - Won't Stick
Dianne Ogburn from Panama City, Florida says:
I have tried numerous microwaves but it will not stick to the top of any of them. ... Read more
Handy Heater - Don't waste your money
Clarence Hearn from Salisbury, MD says:
I have a small office this is a piece of junk a big rip off ... Read more
Earth Brite - Rooked again
V Michal from Delaware says:
These products never work for me as advertised. I read 100 great reviews with maybe 5 being bad. Why don't these products ever work for me???? ... Read more
Pocket Juice - Doesn't stay on...
C. Louis Butts, Jr. from Portland, Oregon says:
Even if their's a small charge on my fitbit hr, my pocket juice1500mAh-5VDC-1A only stays on for ~20-30sec then shuts off!... one has to keep turning it back on over&over&over&... ... Read more
PrivateInsta - Don't bother
David Smith says:
Doesn't work, it just keeps having you do surveys and can't show you the profile in the end anyways. ... Read more
Free TV Key - Are you doing this?
jack from Tennessee says:
I am using the 1st generation, for 14 yrs, I get about 23 to 30 channels. You have to use your remote to do a channel search before it starts ... Read more
Roach Doctor - Did not work!
Gayle from Topeka, KS says:
This product did not work for me! It guaranteed but I did not see any good results! ... Read more
Robo Twist - False advertising
Marilyn Holt from Panama City Beach says:
The TV advertisement said it works on ALL jars. It broke on the first jar we tried!! ... Read more
Clear Zone - Over rated
Kim from Louisiana says:
I put clear zone mirrors on top on my side mirrors on Jeep patriot like it is shown on TV but they sit too high up and are useless. Put ... Read more
Atomic Beam - Piece of Crap
Greg says:
First. I ordered the 2-for-1 deal. One of the flashlights I had in my pocket when I went fishing. After wading in the river for only 10 minutes, the battery ... Read more
Hydroblast Pro - Got as gift,
Robert from Hackettstown, N.J. says:
Installed batteries does not turn on at all... Junk..... ... Read more
ReadyBoost - Works, with caveats
M says:
ReadyBoost can help with speed, but only up to a point. Performance is mainly dependent on what hardware & software is involved. The more memory you have on your computer, ... Read more