Recent Product Reviews

Ever Brite Solar Light - Quit Working
Kathy Kern from Iowa says:
I really thought this would be a great idea for the dark area coming up to my front door. I have three and they worked for a while. Now none ... Read more
TBX-Free - Amazing!!
Katherine from Connecticut says:
Smoked over 35 years. Helped reduce the craving with no side effects. Great product. ... Read more
Potty Mints - They simply don't work
Kis Math from Montreal, Canada says:
I purchased these mints and followed the directions and the tablet did not dissolve and I could not smell anything. Was very disappointed. ... Read more
Potty Mints - Worst product ever - total waste of money!!!!!
Ivoree Robinson from California says:
I bought this product from Bright Plaza Pharmacy in Whittier, CA. I bought two boxes with 3 tablets in each box and with tax, it came to $10.93. What????? Almost ... Read more
X5 Vac - Surprised
Hatg from Calgary says:
I got this little vacuum as a bonus with steam mop. I use only this vacuum to clean whole house. It's amazingly powerful than big brand upright vacuums and more ... Read more
GoGo TV Stick - Expensive Rip Off
Denise from Southland New Zaland says:
I have tried to connect this TV stick to different TVs and it just doesnt work. I am not technically challenged and find this extremely frustrating. ... Read more
Tac Glasses - Ordering Tacglasses
HoHoHo says:
The internet site has an ordering section. I put in my Visa number 3 times and it still would not recognize it. Trying to register a complaint, I had to ... Read more
Relaxium - Worthless product
Sally Hines from Dallas TX says:
Had high hopes for Relaxium from their advertisement but, alas, I couldn't even get to sleep using the product. Terribly disappointing! ... Read more
Professor Amos Shock It Clean - Waste of 20.00
Sylvia from Apopka says:
Purchased at a Southern Women's Show. It was demonstrated with AMAZING results......did not get the same results at home. Huge waste of money. Did not clean grout, did not remove ... Read more
WORX TriVac - Nuff said
Archie says:
I've been electrician 40yrs. I'll match it with whatever got.(residential) ... Read more
FootMedix - Only saw minimal improvement
Andy Samuels from NY,NY says:
I gave this product to 10 Patients in my practice for free. Only saw minimal improvement in 2 after 3 weeks. ... Read more
Professor Amos SuperFast Drain Cleaner - stop
Evelyn says:
I tried it and it did not work at all. Sent product back. ... Read more
Blake Blaster - Great for my golf swing
Timothy Campbell from Los Angeles says:
I am not a strong golfer although I love the sport. My wife got the Blake Blaster from Amazon. She started with the 3 minute whittle your middle because she ... Read more
HD Cable Stick - TV Antena
Alex Z from Florida, USA says:
Very good product. ... Read more
AncestryDNA - Does not allow for migration
Elizabeth Gracen from USA says:
Science has debunked the AncestryDNA test. It can show the origin of your DNA. It cannot show you are Scottish, German, Nigerian. It will show if your origin began in ... Read more
Finishing Touch Flawless - More than facial use
DJ says:
I have checked this product on more than one review sight and found that one question out there has not been answered completely. Will it work on the pubic area? ... Read more
Core Coach - Surpisingly effective
Bob Shine says:
I was apprehensive about the Corecoach. It proved me wrong. It really worked by lower core muscles surprisingly well. I feel great. I would totally recommend it. ... Read more
Phantom Alert - It's Not What I Thought
GWP from Washington, DC says:
I purchased Phantom Alert from the in July 2017. I had to call Phantom Alert's Customer Service to complete the add-on installation to my Garmin Nuvi GPS. The first ... Read more
MyPurMist - Amazed
Denise from East Texas says:
I never had allergies until I moved to East Texas almost 30 years ago, and have suffered horribly every season since. I saw the commercial and decided to give it ... Read more
Rocky Mountain Tumbler - Bad
Laskowski from Louisiana says:
Bought two of them and they both leak. Waste of money. Very disappointed in them. ... Read more
Inflamazol - Result A+
Phillip from New York (NY) says:
One week with results already. My knees feel young again. ... Read more
Quick Clear - Herbal Cure
Chastini Niecy from USA says:
Am Chastini Niecy by name, i was diagnosed with Herpes for 3years ago i lived in pain with the knowledge that i wasn't going to ever be well again i ... Read more
Sani Sticks - Lies
Kivalina from Kansas says:
Nasty smell comes from drain now. My drain is now very plugged and will need plumber. I can NOT AFFORD one. I can not figure out all these neg reviews ... Read more
Shed Pal - Rip off
Bonnie from MA says:
if i could put a zero I would. Loud and very scary to pet. Lousy brush doesn't do anything and product ends up a totalnwadte of m9oney leaving me ripped ... Read more
Shed Pal - Played
Patty B from Ohio says:
This thing is a piece of junk. Turned it on and scared the bejezus out of my cat! I want to get a refund, but there is nothing on the ... Read more
Tac Light Lantern - 1yr won't lite
Ray Sylvia from Hyannis, MA says:
Had it one year only. Used four times. Now it will not lite up. ... Read more
BeActive Brace - Worked for Me
Symera from New England says:
Tried it today and wore it all day. I agree that the direction are the worst and placement is critical. I did not check YouTube, but just played around with ... Read more
Outback Pain Relief - No results
Lester Garber from Illinois says:
In my case the product did nothing to help tingling and pain in my legs and feet. I used it for about 2 weeks as directed no improvement in my ... Read more
Glandex - Really wanted this to work
Julie E from Sun City, AZ says:
I have a cockapoo - about 25lb who has always had anal gland issues. Tried one chewy glandex a day - no help after two weeks. Tried 1.5 a day ... Read more
MaxiClimber - Keep at it for great results
Charles in LA from Los Angeles says:
First time 10 minutes I thought i was going to die affter 3 minutes. Kept on for entire 10 minutes did this 4 times in one week. Week 2 did ... Read more