Recent Product Reviews

Free TV Key - Crap
Ray from New Jersey says:
Don't buy it. ... Read more
Shed Pal - This Thing Is A Piece Of Crap!!!
Keith Jones says:
I received the Shed Pal today. I put New AA batteries in it before I turned it on it ran for about two seconds then shut off. I cannot make ... Read more
Relaxium - Scam
John from Florida says:
They say you can order it for shipping and handling, but will charge you full price 2 weeks later. ... Read more
Purrfect Pouch - Mad cat
Marie from UT says:
My cat hated it. Started to growl. ... Read more
LyfeLite - Works Great!
Kira from Georgia says:
I bought these bulbs earlier this year because our area is prone to power outages. These bulbs are amazing. They come with an adapter to hang them from & turn ... Read more
Egg-Tastic - Lid shot out violently
Soma from West coast says:
Used it with three eggs. Whisked it with a fork and placed the lid on before heating according to the instruction. The lid shot off violently and ricocheted off the ... Read more
TBX-Free - Buyer beware
S. Earnest from Pennsylvania says:
1. Product does not work, wintergreen lifesavers worked better. 2. Thieves, I have a printout that says "no recurring shipping." but six months later I received another package for 239.00, ... Read more
Professor Amos Shock It Clean - Worthless
Mary Good says:
HSN sent me 4 bottles of this junk. I tried it several times and so did my daughter at different dilution rates but it didn't work, wasted my time and ... Read more
Robo Twist - Other methods
Stan the man says:
Tapping the edge of a lid of any jar with the back of a carving knife works by breaking the crystallized components of the contents that were sealed while automated ... Read more
Rust-Oleum ReColor - Excellent
A Gandia from GA says:
Best product in the market. Easy to use. Just follow the instructions & will deliver quick result. Bought it for an inexpensive solution instead paying for new shutters. Ended using ... Read more
Shed Pal - Damaged on arrival
Janet from California says:
This product was apparently sent from CHINA and arrived in a plastic bag. The cardboard box was crushed on one end and on one side. The batteries would not stay ... Read more
Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer - Worked on 3 Dogs
Ephraim from Vegas says:
I had no idea how to use it and thought it could train my dogs to do things....not stop doing them. As soon as I did the dogs scattered to ... Read more
TV Free-Way - Disappointed
Brenda Cox from Georgia says:
You need to tell people it only works if you live with in 30 mile from a station that not in your add on tv or on outside of package ... Read more
Zuru Air Chair - Idk
Tiffy from Australia says:
its ok I guess like I did spend a while In my backyard waving A bag around but when I went camping i tried it and it worked fine I ... Read more
Shed Pal - You advertise it as silent... it is anything but...
Kerry from Ohio says:
I bought it because you said it was "silent".... it is just as loud as a vacuum cleaner... can't even get it close enough to my cats to test it ... Read more
Dr. Frank's Pet Pain Spray - Amazing Difference!!
Diana15Perry from Monticello says:
Within a weeks time it was nice to see my 14-year-old dog who had trouble moving. Act like a young pup again! Truly remarkable product. Give it a try you ... Read more
AbDominator - Awesome for Abs
Gabby from Pennsylvania says:
The abdominator killed my a good way! I was so sore after my first workout. I've had it for about a month now and I can already see the ... Read more
Build Bonanza - Did not hold
Sharon Gates says:
I put this item on my smooth wall and pressed really hard hoping it would stick. My grandaugter put some legos on the strip. It did not hold. ... Read more
Eggstractor - Bad Egg
Sue from LA says:
This product did not work. I tried it with both warm and cold eggs. I do not recommend this. ... Read more
Ahh Bra - Great
Allen from Tenn. says:
Fit my figure perfectly ... Read more
Fur Wizard - Useless
A Bosshart from Wisconsin says:
I made 10 passes (yes I went per the arrow) and the dog hair was still on my car seat. Two passes with the vacuum and its gone. If my ... Read more
Luminess Air - I'm Amazed!
Wendy from Florida says:
My husband bought me a Luminesse unit. I thought it wouldn't work or would be too hard to use or to clean...not so! I LOVE IT. Takes no longer than ... Read more
DiVertigo - Good Product
Kathy Rudkin from San Francisco says:
So far it seems to be working. First day. Applied 3 times 2 hours apart ... Read more
Miracle Bamboo Bra - Bad Sizing
M Stiner says:
Would've loved for this to fit bcuz material & front closer might have worked for me. The measurement around is short & the cup size measurement is laughable. My experience ... Read more
Copper Tag Out - Without pain
Dr. Khalifa Behbehani from Kuwait says:
I have many skin tags in which I need help to remove it without pain thank you ... Read more
Flex Seal - Maybe works for drainage
Matt from Idaho says:
I have a pipe that weeps but it has pressure. Flex seal is just glue so it works for drainage pipes but anything with water pressure is going to keep ... Read more
Outback Pain Relief - Awesome
Glenton Mdaki from Durban South Africa says:
I had given up playing golf, until I tried the product. Glad to say I am now playing golf again. Thanks to Outback ... Read more
5 Second Fix - Crap
Jerry says:
Garbage. ... Read more
Hoodphones - Missed it or takes forever to ship.
Devan Wolf from Elmwood, WI says:
I want one of those for listening to my music, but there SOLD OUT SO very QUICKLY and is now extremely rare! The site is down and when I call ... Read more
Cami Shaper - Best Fit
Lauren F. from Houston, Texas says:
I love my Cami Shaper i have them in all the colors .No more Bra marks on my shoulder. I will never wear a regular bra again. Cami Shaper #1 ... Read more