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Does ReadyBoost Really Work?

ReadyBoost is supposed to give your hard drives an extra edge by allowing it to be used as a hard drive cache. This means that you can easily retrieve and replace data stored in a cache, speeding up your laptop. However, not all hard drives can support this innovative feature. You may want to check on the hard drive’s capacity before using ReadyBoost to maximize the positive attributes of this product. ReadyBoost basically helps your computer in improving its performance by functioning as memory cache and boot optimization service. It also allows your computer to keep an eye on the files that your system is accessing and it caches or stores the files that are accessed frequently in the hard drive. It basically boosts a contingent hard drive out of your plain hard drive.

ReadyBoost Reviews

Yes - Works, with caveats
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

ReadyBoost can help with speed, but only up to a point. Performance is mainly dependent on what hardware & software is involved.

The more memory you have on your computer, the less likely you’ll see an improvement. If you have 4GB or less memory with a cheap processor, you will probably notice an increase in speed; if you have a high-end gaming computer, the speed increase will be negligible at best.

If you dual boot Windows/Linux, you may want to skip ReadyBoost; a dual-boot setup can do funny things to the flash drive, especially if it’s a USB3 drive plugged into a USB3 slot.

ReadyBoost doesn’t seem to be designed for flash drives larger than 32GB, and seems to work best when you “dedicate” the drive to ReadyBoost.

Feel free to experiment with a solution that works best for you. Flash drives are fairly cheap, and you can’t really harm your system all that much (usually fairly easily remedied).

December 21st, 2017
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