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Does Pyramid Pan Really Work?

Pyramid Pan are baking mats that can be use in heating your food. It has silicone pyramids that lets whatever kind of food you are cooking rest above the bottom surface of your pan. It was created to make cooking your food more consistent. You do not need to keep on turning your food. The Pyramid Pan will take out the fats and oil in your food. This will make eating whatever you have cooked healthier and also crispy. The Pyramid Pan is dishwasher safe. If you acquire The Pyramid Pan you will also get two silicone baking mats that includes instruction sheets. This product features five hundred sixty pyramids on the surface of the product. This silicone mat does not let the food touch the bottom of the pan, but it let’s air rotate underneath the food. This is why your food comes out crispy and juicy.

Pyramid Pan Reviews

No - Wish I had saved my money
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I ordered 4 mats to give as gag gifts for Christmas. They took 8 weeks to arrive! Then I noticed there was no instruction sheet with them. So I went online and saw only negative reviews. I would still like to receive an instruction sheet. Then maybe I can give a more positive review.

February 1st, 2017
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Yes - It works, if you use as intended
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I’ve used mine about 12-15 times. You have to remember to increase the oven temperature about 20-25 degrees hotter than your recipe states, and you will need to add about 10 mins to the cook time.
If you spray the pyramid pan with. Pam, food doesn’t stick. Make sure you lay it in the pan with the pyramid points up, not down or each little pyramid fills with grease.
Cleaning has been easy, I just set it on the upper level (shelf) of the dishwasher.
The instructions tell you what foods cook well on it, and what don’t. I’ve done chicken breasts, Pork chops, FF, new potatoes whole, all were good and didn’t come out greasy.

January 19th, 2014
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No - Pain in the A$$
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Hard to clean…food still sticks and I’m not sure how safe it is even if it says “food safe”. No real tests reveal any good data as to it’s safety.

September 4th, 2013
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