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Does Push Up Pump Really Work?

One of the more popular forms of exercises is the push-up because it is easy to do and engages muscles throughout the body for an overall core workout. This exercise can normally be done without any tools. However, there is an exercise machine named the Push Up Pump that is said to enhance the benefits of your workout in a shorter period of time. The Push Up Pump claims to be designed based on sturdy steel that is lightweight and portable. This workout equipment has a rebounding range of motion that promises to add challenge for a more effective workout. The Push Up Pump features three different hand positions intended to ensure that the various parts of the body are worked out. It also includes three resistance cables that are color coded according to the level of workout.

Push Up Pump Reviews

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I love the exercise and the machine. However, two months into the program I got very into it and BENT the machine. Since then I have been trying to find warranty/repair parts info.

Joe Barry
January 17th, 2013
Southwick, Ma.
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Yes - Has helped me perform pushups
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I ordered the Push Up Pump and had no issues receiving it as some have had on other review sites. I have always had trouble doing pushups, and they were never my favorite exercise. I tried this product, and I can say it has helped me perform pushups. However, the base of the product is too small. As I am doing pushups the whole unit tips forward and becomes unstable. In fact if you even watch the DVD that comes with this pruduct, you could see it somewhat tip forward. If they made that part of the base longer/wider, this would be a good product. It seems as though they skimped on that part of the unit.

September 9th, 2012
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Yes - Push up pump
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I have been using mine for about 1 week, and yes it works[….] I could not do 5 push ups or dead lift a pair of socks on my first day, on the easiest red band (There are three bands) I was doing 5 sets of 15, and just about couldn’t move my arms/shoulders the next day. You can also by a heavier set of bands. It’s small enough that I can bring it with me when I am on the road, and I love it. One thing I will say, is they don’t give you a max user weight on it.

July 25th, 2012
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