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Does Potty Patch Really Work?

Click for More Info About Potty PatchThe Potty Patch promises to be a safe solution for dogs who need to relieve themselves when they are still indoors. The Potty Patch is a three tiered item topped with synthetic, grassy sod, that has the look and feel of real grass. The grass is anti-microbial and designed so the liquid should flow through a grill and land on a pan which composes the third and bottom tier, and the mat still remains dry on top. The dog should stand on top of it to do his mess, and unlike real grass, there is no smell left behind. If his mess is No. 2, it will slide easily off the mat, they claim, and directly onto the toilet. The Potty Patch is thin and does not attract too much attention. People who don’t know it are more likely to presume that it is a floor mat.
(Source: www.PottyPatch.com)

Potty Patch Reviews

No - Does Not Work
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My dog will pee all around this thing. Grass is hard plastic that doen’t com close to feeling soft or real. WASTE of money. If I where a dog I wouldn’t go on it either.

Mike K.
February 7th, 2012
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I am one that checks every customer review before buying something. I had read both good and bad reviews for the potty patch but I was at my wits end. We litter boxed trained our Maltese and some days she did good and other she would use the floor. I noticed that she liked to poo on the bathroom rugs. She has “never” been outside mind you so she does not know what grass is. My son begged me to get the potty patch for her so I did with skepticism. I can not believe that she went right to it and has not used the floor or my rugs since. I did spray it with a puppy attractant because I wanted to make sure she would use it. I am so happy! My son has grass allergies so I knew we would have to litter box train his puppy to keep it from bringing grass pollen in and making him sick. She did great with the litter box but it was so messy. There was litter everywhere. When she spilled her water she ended up with litter caked between her toes. It was just a mess. The potty patch is so much cleaner. You still have to clean the poo off the top of the grass and empty the pee from the bottom, but NO messy floors anymore! I use potty pads in the bottom so I can just change them and the bottom stays clean and there is no odor! No one knows I have an indoor pet until they see (or hear) her! Yes, I recommend this product!

February 6th, 2012
Royston, GA
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