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Does Portabook Really Work?

Laptops are small and easy to use.  They are a true space saver.  But it is not always convenient to use your laptop, especially when they are too low and you have to stoop forward to use it.  Now, you can use your laptop more comfortably with the Portabook.  According to its makers, the Portabook is a laptop, book, and/or document stand.  It is good for one’s posture, they claim, and reduces laptop heat.  Furthermore, it has five adjustable positions, is hands free, provides storage, is easy to carry, and easy to store, they claim.  The Portabook is good for college, office, school and home use.  This lightweight, multifunctional stand is extremely durable, they say, and it can support up to 17 inch laptops.  The Portabook is made of non-toxic, recyclable, polypropylene, and a mix of metal powder, they claim.

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I have had the pleasure of using the Porta-book for close to two years. It’s a great stand for documents and books, perfect for when you want to sit in the couch with your laptop actually on your lap.

It’s six ergonomical stands aren’t recommended in combination with a laptop however. The plastic that connects the upper with the lower part has a rather feeble connection.

The major problem though is gravity. If the upper surface has been raised, a laptop will just slide off the Portabook.

There are two (technically three) elastics meant to keep the laptop in place, but they’re only half successful – only managing to reign in gravity at the Portabook’s lowest stand. The elastics basically cross a laptop’s touchpad and the top of the keyboard which makes navigation rather irksome.

Overall, the Portabook is a good product. It’s a good way to prevent an overheated lap, works like a charm as a support for writing stuff or raising papers to a more comfortable height. Anything more than that however isn’t what this product is for.

June 21st, 2011
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