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Does Plaque Attack Really Work?

The Plaque Attack claims to provide triple dental care for your pet. The Plaque Attack is a dental spray that combats plaque, tartar and bad breath in your pet. It works for dogs and cats of all sizes, they say. They add that it is an all natural product with a special formula that breaks up bacteria, plaque and built up tartar. It is perfectly safe, they add. Healthy, too, as the Plaque Attack helps to prevent gum disease from developing in your pet’s mouth, they claim. This product is easy to use. Simply spray on your pet’s mouth and the natural formula will begin to work immediately, safely mixing in with your pet’s saliva to coat the teeth and gums, they add. The ingredients are specifically selected because they work effectively, at the same time your pet no longer has bad breath. Instead, they say, your pet will have a healthy and clean mouth. In cases of heavy buildup spray twice a day, and for lesser buildup just spray Plaque Attack once a day. The plaque in your pet’s mouth will disappear, after which you only need to keep a maintenance dosage of twice a week.

Plaque Attack Reviews

Yes - I Like it
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It says natural and I am believing it because if it was not all natural then some researchers would have ban it. I have a 21year old cat and he loves it in his water. His teeth are showing wear but then we have a hard time getting a spray in his mouth every day. Is it any worse than vet toothpaste.? Toothpaste which they swallow. That says all natural too. Lots of things say all natural but do not tell you the un-natural ingredients that are in it. I have been using it for many years and I do not think it so bad that my cat is 21years and I am still using
it. I used it on my dogs who lived to 17 1/2years and my lab was badly abused and was a rescue and lived to 15 years with beautiful teeth. So yes I do use it and feel safe to do so with my animals.

September 9th, 2016
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Yes - I'm amazed
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I got the product 2 weeks ago and started using it on my 10 year old lab/husky mix, his teeth were almost black and very bad breath, now after the 2 weeks, his teeth are white and the bad breath is gone. It really blew me away! I wish I would have taken before and after pictures.

Bill Roberts
March 10th, 2011
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Yes - Try water in a spray bottle first
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I got this product for my 2 cats thinking this would be less expensive and less dangerous than teeth cleaning at the vet. Both cats would not cooperate and would run away when they saw that the spray bottle was in my hand. I did try this a number of times. The instructions on the spray bottle suggest that you also brush your pet’s teeth every 3rd day. I have worked with cat rescue and placed more than 250 cats. I have never been able to successfully brush the teeth of a cat.

To see if the spray could remove tartar, I tried this on myself before brushing my teeth at night. It did appear to dissolve the buildup of tartar that had accumulated during the day. The taste isn’t that bad. You can detect a slight grapefruit taste that is one of the ingredients in the product.

Before buying this, you might want to use a similar size spray bottle filled with water on your pet to see is the pet will cooperate.

Jane Birkenstock
January 19th, 2011
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