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Does Phantom Alert Really Work?

One doesn’t have to be a techno geek in order to reap the benefits of the digital age. The practical advantages of many digital products can be enjoyed by ordinary people in their everyday lives. One such example is the GPS technology in cars like the one being offered by Phantom Alert. Said to be the largest driver-generated database of road situations such as checkpoints, risky intersections, and red light CCTVs, the Phantom Alert is a GPS-powered warning device installed in cars. It informs drivers of nearby traffic enforcement zones in order to avoid inconvenience. This technology claims to be legal and recognized by police authorities. The Phantom Alert promises to provide its subscribers with timely information and support that can be downloaded while on the road.

Phantom Alert Reviews

No - It's Not What I Thought
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I purchased Phantom Alert from the FactoryOutletStore.com in July 2017. I had to call Phantom Alert’s Customer Service to complete the add-on installation to my Garmin Nuvi GPS. The first thing I noticed was all of these unnecessary alerts of apparently past speed or red light cameras or other incidents that no longer existed. I had to turn off the audio warning feature because it was constantly warning me. My GPS screen is full of markers of non-existent incidents or sightings. I can travel on the highway and it will alert me to red light traffic cameras at exits I am not taking but I guess I am close enough to as I pass over or under that junction. Then again I have gone past known speed cameras I didn’t get a warning! I wish I had sought out an objective product review site before I made this $99.99 purchase for a lifetime subscription.

October 4th, 2017
Washington, DC
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No - Really sucks
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PhantomAlert REALLY SUCKS, it doesn’t work, there is no support except a slew of b.s. answers and nobody seems to give a sh_t. I am canceling my subscription. DON’T BUY PhantomAlert

July 24th, 2015
New York
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No - False Alarm
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Phantom advertises “It has the largest database of a product of its kind.” Know what? That may be true. What they leave out is the FACT that they give more false alarms than true ones. In speaking to a technician there he stated their latest update removed 70,000 false alerts. Can you imagine that? And yet the following accounts I endured happened after this update.

Forget using the “speed camera or trap” alert. It’s virtually useless, My experience was 75 to 80% false alerts. Picture this….someone got a speeding ticket at milepost 1.10 two years ago. Someone else got a speeding ticket at milepost 1.20 one year ago and someone else at milepost 1.30 a month ago. And someone else once saw a police car on the side of the road at milepost 1.50. The Phantom alert people now have 4 alerts for a speed trap that may or may not exist. Your unit will sound false alerts to drive a person crazy. This example is an exaggeration using closer proximity alerts than I experience. But indicative of the reality.

Lets move on to the alert that I wanted most. The “redlight camera” alert. In both New Jersey and Florida I experienced 30-40% errors. Previously I used an app provided by another company which I have returned to. I know what a redlight camera looks like. I know what sign before an intersetion warning of a camera to look for.

So I know there were no cameras where I received false alerts. At several intersections when I had time I “double” checked. No cameras.

Additionally in both states I received redlight camera alerts where there are “NO” traffic lights. Go figure?

At several intersections I received false alerts and went to the PhantomAlert website to indicate there were no cameras there and…..their website also shows no cameras and still the program gives a false alert.

Finally, I used their website to ask a question about false alerts and a second letter voicing my displeasure at the product and to date (weeks later) still no response to either email.

This is a real case of “Buyer Beware”

Good luck to all.

August 25th, 2013
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