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Does Pet Rider Really Work?

You have probably wanted to bring your pet for a stroll around the city but decided not to because you’re worried about the possible mess. Good thing there is now Pet Rider, a car seat cover specifically-designed for pets. This product claims to be easy to install in cars and other vehicles, fitting most seat types even for large automobiles like SUVs. Made of materials that protect from stains and pet hair, the Pet Rider can be wiped clean instantly. The Pet Rider is also waterproof so pet owners can be relieved from your pet’s occasional urine accidents. It also comes with straps and locks that can be easily adjusted to keep your pet securely seated. The Pet Rider is not just for cars, it can also be used indoors.

Pet Rider Reviews

No - My dogs nails go right through
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I bought it when it was first out and it smelled like moth balls and it still smells like moth balls! It’s hard to put up and my dogs nails go right through

March 17th, 2012
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Yes - Fits 98 Rav4 and 08 F150
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Bought 2 sets (the buy one get one free deal). Warning…they will smell of MOTH BALLS like mad. But after some airing out, they were good to go. Do not recommend Fabreeze in general as it is sugar based and will ATTRACT bugs to you and your pet/car. The PetRider fits great in both vehicles and the adjustable clips worked well. My only issue so far is when I put one in the back of the Rav4 (back area, not seat) my Golden slides around on it when I turn hard. But he is really active in the car and doesn’t stop moving, barking at the passing big rigs. I have not had to use the zipper part or the seat belt velcro areas and I doubt I will as I do not want any openings for any water/mud/snow to make it to the seats from the doggie paws. I have the Golden and a Cocker Spaniel jumping all over these things. Oh and BTW, I did put one on backwards in the F150, from the headrests of the front seats laying it down the back of the seats to the floor in between the front and back seat. That created a barrier from the back seat and the front and also gave another area of protection. Just preparing for the snow season. Thumbs UP.

October 18th, 2011
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