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Does Perfect PushUp Really Work?

For a good upper body workout, the Perfect PushUp may be the item of choice. They claim that the Perfect PushUps’ rotating handles work with the way your arms will naturally move, for example when you punch something, or press upon a dumbbell. Because of this naturally undulating quality, they claim, there is less stress on the joints of the wrists and elbows; and it manages to put more muscles to work on the arms, shoulders, back, and shoulders. The Perfect PushUp, which comes in variations, can produce results they claim, regardless of what exercise level you happen to be on, even up to the professional level athlete level. A kit includes the two patent-pending pushup handles, and instructional DVD, and an instructional poster. The Perfect PushUp was designed by a US Navy Seal.

Perfect PushUp Reviews

Yes - Better Bicepts
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This product works. My Bicepts are larger and I stand up straighter and my chest looks better.
I do recommend this to anyone

Steve Wayne
April 2nd, 2010
Los Angeles
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