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Does Perfect Bake Really Work?

Knowing how to bake is a great skill as it will allow you to whip up great tasting treats and desserts that your family will surely love but the problem is that baking is quite the complicated cooking experience to go through as you will need to do a lot of precise measurements of your baking ingredients and that you will also need to be skilled with the whole baking process. If you are looking for guidance on how to bake properly without too much error or guesswork on your part then Perfect Bake is the product that you might want to consider getting. The manufacturer claims that this product will allow you to easily bake delicious cakes and treats at home. The PerfectBake comes with the Perfect Bake Smart Scale and that all you need to do is to place on a specially designed container for the Perfect Bake and then just dump the ingredients into the container as instructed. The Perfect Bake will allow you to get the perfect ingredient mix without you having to make time consuming precise ingredient measurements. Also, the Perfect Bake purchase will give you access to the Perfect Bake smartphone app which will give you access to hundreds of baking recipes so the manufacturer of the kit promises that you should be able to develop your baking skills in no time.

Perfect Bake Reviews

Yes - It works! Its a great idea. Great gift. For kids, too.
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Received as a gift. Didn’t open for a while as it looked like another techno gadget destined for the landfill but my daughter opened it and were we surprised.

The system ingeniously measures your ingredients as you pour, so you can say good bye to measuring cups and spoons. It takes a bit of getting used to with small ingredients (like salt) but once you get the hang of it, you really wont want to measure anything again. Super fast, super accurate, and best of all, you can make any amount… 14 cookies instead of 36 if thats what you are into.

There are a ton of recipes in there, although we have only made a few. So far, everything has been great. The gluten free cookies are a complete revelation if you are into that sort of thing. Nobody believes it when I tell them the chocolate chip cookie is gluten free.

Ed Lee
October 26th, 2015
San Francisco
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Yes - Works great!
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I have perfect bake and really like using it. I find that using the scale to weight everything greatly reduces the number of things I get dirty, especially measuring cups and spoons. You can just add all the ingredients from their containers into your mixing bowl.

The scale comes with mixing bowls, but you don’t have to use them. I use my own because I like glass and stainless bowls. One great feature is that the app lets you change the recipe size really precisely, like you can set exactly how many cookies, cupcakes or loaves of bread you want to make.

I also really like the feature that lets you weigh each item you’re making. I made 24 muffins last weekend, and they came out almost perfectly the same size. I had one at the end that was slightly smaller, but I didn’t have to go back and take away or add little bits to get them all even, which is what I ALWAYS had to do in the past.

The app comes with a lot of recipes built-in. I’ve tried a few, and they were all really good. I’ve also put several of my recipes into the app, and that worked well too. Really nice product!

Philip Odom
October 26th, 2015
Portland, OR
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