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Does Oral Sedation Really Work?

Oral Sedation is normally prescribed to a patient prior to a dental appointment.  This would usually require a patient to take a pill about an hour before the visit. Once this pill takes effect, the patient will feel relaxed and very drowsy but the patient will stay awake. Benzodiazepines or “Benzos” are the most common type of oral sedation pill that is prescribed to patients. These pills will immediately decrease feelings of anxiety by targeting the brain receptors which will decrease the activity in this area which is responsible for fear.  It has two types: Sedative-Hypnotics: pills which produce a calming effect and Anti-Anxiety Drugs, drugs which help relieve anxiety and making the patient feel calm. Keep in mind that after taking any of these pills, you should always ask someone to drive you to your dental appointment or have someone accompany you if you will be walking to the dental office.

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