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Does Open It Really Work?

The Open It package opener tool was created to go through any packaging and to keep your hands safe from any sharp points you might encounter. It’s a five tools in one package opener that can cut through plastic wrappers and designed for heavy duty usage. The Open It package opener can be used to cut through aluminum gutters, as well as papers. You can bring this cutting device wherever you go and use it whenever you need to. Just slice it, open it, unscrew it and pop it. After doing this you can use it right away. Included in the OpenIt package opener tool are the following: multi bottle opener; squeeze and turn gripper; push and turn opener with magnifying glass. It can twist ties, zip ties and plastic straps. It can cut hanging wires.

Open It Reviews

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The “Open It” is a very durable device.
The scissor is the only scissors I can find that can cut through tough plastic packaging. The razor also makes it through tough plastic packaging. It is also perfect for a package opener.
The Phillips/flat head screwdriver is very convenient. I do not use it as much as the other parts, but it is very good.
It also has a bottle opener on the scissor that I have not used a lot, but I only use the open it in the car. The whole thing locks together which is handy.
I have this “Open It” in my car for picking up packages from the mail box or opening products from the store. I have the “Open It” that has a plastic and glass bottle opener and what seems to be a razor or can opener for at my home. Overall it is a great product and it does not break I have used mine a lot to where the writing on it has started to come off and it functions perfect.

January 26th, 2012
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