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Does Open-Aire Really Work?

Open-Aire is a distributer of portable oxygen concentrators that are designed specifically for people who still want to be mobile while undergoing oxygen therapy. Most people who are under oxygen therapy due to respiratory problems tend to stay at home and lose the ability to travel whenever they want, since oxygen concentrators tend to be bulky and heavy, even the mobile ones. Open-Aire is supposed to address this issue, as their portable oxygen system is small enough to be carried around in a shoulder bag, and can be operated by the patient, compared to large respirators that need trained technicians. It does require some training to use, but Open-Aire claims to provide training upon purchase of their products. This product may require approval of your physician when it comes to certain uses, such as the use of the portable oxygen system while asleep.

Open-Aire Reviews

Yes - Great Portable Oxygen Concentrators And Service
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To clarify, Open-Aire.com is NOT the maker of portable oxygen concentrators. They are a distributor and offer several different models including the Respironics EverGo and Invacare’s Solo2. What they do that makes them so special is that they offer the equipment through Medicare which many companies will not do. They did a great job with me and now I have an EverGo that I love and and EverFlo as a back-up concentrator.

Jason Wagner
March 29th, 2012
Tampa, FL.
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