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Does Olde Brooklyn Lantern Really Work?

Having to do household chores in the dark due to a power outage can be a big inconvenience. Using flashlights is not much of a help because a person has to hold it with one hand. Olde Brooklyn Lantern promises to provide the solution to such situations. A lantern designed in vintage style, the Olde Brooklyn Lantern features LED technology to light up homes during the night. It is said to contain a total of 12 LED bulbs that can last up to 100,000 hours. Compared to the beam of light produced by conventional flashlights, Olde Brooklyn Lantern claims to have coverage enough for lighting up a whole room. This product also has a built-in dimmer that allows for the easy adjustment of light intensity.

Olde Brooklyn Lantern Reviews

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I bought an Olde Brooklyn Lantern a few days before Hurricane Sandy caused a blackout in New York City. When my electrical power went off for 4 days, I was able to use the lantern to light up part of my apt. Although the lantern has a beautiful design and is convenient to carry around or hang from any hook, the light is a bit dim. I found that a regular flashlight illuminates much better. Although the Old Brooklyn Lantern is a convenient light source during an emergency, I would recommend getting a LED flashlight instead… which shines much brighter.

May 21st, 2013
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