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Does Neater Feeder Really Work?

Click for More Info About Neater FeederDo you love to feed your pets but you hate the mess that they leave? The next time around, you might want to feed them using the Neater Feeder. It is a specialized feeding tray that the manufacturer claims will effectively reduce the mess that your pets can make while feeding. Neater Feeder is compromise of 2 different trays stacked onto each other. The bottom tray acts as the catch pan for excess food and water that your pet will spill, while the upper tray features 2 holes for water and food containers and also features a contoured edge that will mold to the shape of your pet’s neck, preventing water and food from falling to the floor. With Neater Feeder, the manufacturer promises that you will not to do extensive cleanup after your pet enjoys his or her meal ever again.
(Source: www.NeaterFeederPet.com)

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