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Does MyPurMist Really Work?

Sinus problems can be due to multiple factors – colds, allergies, dry air and congestion, among others. This condition can be prevented and treated in various ways, including the use of handheld steam inhalers such as MyPurMist. Using Capillary Force Vaporizer (CFV) technology, MyPurMist works by directing warm humidification and turn it into a safe, germ-free vapor in order to relieve symptoms of sinus problems. This form of sinus therapy is said to soothe irritated sinus tissues, stop coughing, and reduce dryness. My Pure Mist claims to be safe for use even for kids more than 2 years of age. This handheld steam inhaler, simply cleaned by wiping a damp cloth, is ideally used 2-4 times daily to effectively achieve sinus relief. MyPurMist is touted as the convenient alternative to bulky stationary humidifiers.

MyPurMist Reviews

No - Does not work
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

The mist barely comes out. Didn’t help my sinus problem at all. $150.00 is awful expensive for a product that doesn’t work. What a rip off.

January 18th, 2016
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No - Good Idea poor mechanics
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I used this product several time before it started to malfunction. red light and cool down period each time I tried to start it up. I thought it was something I was doing wrong (holding it on the wrong angle etc.)I became so frustrated with it I just left it on the night stand and from time to time tried to use it with fresh distilled water but same results. It has been quite awhile since I purchased it and I’ve even forgotten where I bought it from. Today I decided to go on line and do a little research on the product and discovered that others are having the same problem. I wish I could get my money back but I guess that ship has sailed, I’ve been ripped off again.

Kenneth Crawford
July 18th, 2015
New Jersey
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Yes - Works but Faulty
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I have now gone through two of the MyPurMists. I live in the central valley of CA. The worst air in the country. I get my lungs congested on a regular basis. Sometimes I swear with my other health issues I worry it is my heart? One really bad occurrence saw the ad on TV and thought what the hey. Bought it did the first treatment, next morning night and day difference. A real life saver in my opinion! But ran out of the water, looked for distilled could not find any or the premise water. Thought order from Amazon use some water from my Brita pitcher. Well worked a few more times and died. Saw all the reviews online figured my fault ordered one from Amazon. Well this one has worked a little longer say a month, now all lights flashing. I think great idea bad very bad implementation.

June 19th, 2015
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No - Disappointing
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

I give it a 5 for doing its job this product does work when it wants to but I give it a 0 for malfunctioning on its second use. Great product bad machine for the price build a better quality one. This is one way to destroy your buisness having a cheap non working product.

Eric Childress
June 14th, 2015
Las Vegas
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Yes - Product works but...
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

This product does work for my headaches and for sinus issues. I love using the machine with essential oils on a cotton ball, but I would recommend not buying this product at a store, and buy DIRECTLY from MyPurmist. The one I bought from Walgreens died after just two days (all blue lights were blinking). MyPurmist did replace with awesome customer service. I haven’t had a problem with the second one directly from them.

April 4th, 2015
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No - Quality problem
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Unit worked for 4 days. Now it works for a minute, or less, then runs through its 10 minute shutdown.
It seemed like the right idea but quality is going to kill it. Headed back to BB&B for a refund.

Daniel Richter
March 4th, 2015
New York
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Yes - Love it
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Works great – much needed relief
Could only find the demineralized water on line – should be sold at Target

July 25th, 2014
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No - Read before you buy MyPurmist
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Our NEGATIVE experience is with VAPORE LLC, the maker of MyPurMist, a hand held inhaler/vaporizer, marketed on tv and sold online and in Target.Vapore LLC claims that MyPurmist is “all natural, germ free & SAFE” because it uses (a small amount of distilled water that passes through a ceramic filter causing what VAPORE LLC CLAIMS is, “SANITIZED STEAM”. They provide a starter bottle of distilled water in the box to remind those that don’t normally use irons or household steamers, that distilled water should be used EXCLUSIVELY in MyPurmist. They charge $149.99 plus tax; for us, it was $158.99. Our complaint is from our UNSUCCESSFUL 5 MyPURMIST PURCHASES. All 5 of these units malfunctioned from a period of 1 use to 4 weeks of 3x daily use, using distilled water EXCLUSIVELY.Vapore LLC, is falsely accusing this consumer of using non distilled water as the cause for the MALFUNCTION causing a VERY DISTURBING AND POTENTIALLY UNSAFE BROWN SUBSTANCE THAT VAPORE LLC REFUSES TO DISCLOSE to this consumer. Since we have only USED DISTILLED WATER IN THE UNITS WE PURCHASED OR RECEIVED FROM THE MANUFACTURER, and have 0% chance of causing the DEFECT or the MYSTERIOUS BROWN SUBSTANCE we implore VAPORE LLC disclose whether or not the brown SUBSTANCE IS SAFE TO INHALE! Their claim was the substance was ABUTEROL OR SOME MEDICATION JUST NOT DISTILLED WATER. WE ARE ALARMED AND WANT AN INVESTIGATION TO THE SAFETY OF INHALING THESE SUBSTANCES and insist that Vapore LLC acknowledge responsibility for the OBVIOUS DEFECT.It is providence that Vapore LLC was not aware that my mother can not be prescribed these medications due to her health issues so if their findings were based on conjecture shame on them. If their findings are accurate, where are the substances coming from? Not us…so where? Finally, Vapore LLC offered to refund us our money if we promised not TO purchase ANY MORE OF THEIR PRODUCTS.We refuse to be discriminated against, falsely accused and intimidated by Vapore LLC. and WE will contact each and every governmental agencY that have the incumbent duty to protect THE PUBLIC from this bully tactic. 5 units malfunctionIing BELIES coincidence. Wouldn’t you agree?

April 1st, 2014
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