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Does My Spy Birdhouse Really Work?

The My Spy Birdhouse promises to let you and your children watch birds up close as they nest and raise their young. The birdhouse is an wooden box with a see-through acrylic pane in the back. The product includes with a two-way mirror to be placed over the see-through pane so that you can see into the birdhouse but the birds can’t see out, ensuring you will not scare them away. The birdhouse attaches to your house’s window with suction cups that are supposed to be strong enough to stay in place year-round in any kind of weather. My Spy Birdhouse was designed to be the perfect size for typical backyard bird species such as wrens, nuthatches, and chickadees. It also features a front perch for birds to rest on. The My Spy Birdhouse comes with a guide to bird watching with tips from bird expert and TV host James Currie.

My Spy Birdhouse Reviews

No - Waste of space
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I got two birdhouses a little over a year ago and put them on two different windows. So far we have had zero birds even come near the birdhouse. My kids were very excited to finally get one but since they haven’t seen a bird in a year we kinda gave up on it. It is a waste of space and it isn’t a very flattering thing to have hanging from your house.

March 19th, 2015
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