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Does My Snoring Solution Really Work?

Click for More Info About My Snoring SolutionIf you want to fix your snoring concerns then acquiring My Snoring Solution can be the appropriate sway to solve this type of concern. This product made up of a chin strap and jaw supporter has a good fit. It will hold your jaws steady and in a straight – up position. Because your jaw has the support it needs, your snoring will come to a halt. This chin strap and jaw supporter will not give you any discomfort. You just have to rap this product under your chin and then fasten it to your crown. My Snoring Solution prevents the effects of Obstructive Sleep Apneia from occurring. Because of this product, you will not hear the complaints of your wife and kids. With this product you will experience sleeping well at night and your health condition will start to improve.
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My Snoring Solution Reviews

No - Hubby says I snore louder
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I ordered the thing based on blogged recommendations, not manufacturers claims. It is made of washable polyester and is supposed to hold your jaw UP and FORWARD. This allows better airway openings, so you don’t snore. It did hold my jaw closed, but not forward. It did not hurt, but it did not work. The instruction booklet includes a full-refund guarantee ONLY if you buy more books, lose weight, try yoga, change your diet and several other suggestions, which were NOT mentioned in the commercial or the on-line site. I gave it a fair 3 week trial, but my husband says I snored even louder. I returned it, and got a partial refund, a ‘restocking’ fee was deducted because somehow this washable persoanal health device is now hazardous material and must be disposed of by special means! What a crock.

September 4th, 2012
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