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Click for More Info About Mr. LidCooks encounter problems in the kitchen. After work, all sorts of things that were scattered around, untidy, or broken, greet them in the kitchen. Missing lids for food containers are one cause of frustration in the kitchen. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to find these lids just when they especially need it. Hence, there is a need for products like Mr. Lid that offer help to solve kitchen mess. Mr. Lid is a set of plastic containers in various sizes that promise to help cooks be more orderly in kitchen through its features. Firstly, the cover of Mr. Lid containers are fastened to the box that keeps it from being lost inside a pile of things inside the cupboard or cabinet. Secondly, they can be stacked upon each other for storage and refrigeration. Lastly, each container has gradations for measuring food content. Additionally, these containers offer lifetime replacement guarantees.
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Great concept having the lids attached to the bowls, no more searching for lids.They stack nicely within each other. The lid secures very well and I have dropped them on the floor and they have not come open. They can be a little hard to open at times, but that also helps to prevent them from coming open or leaking if they get tipped over.

March 10th, 2013
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