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Free TV Key - Piece of thin metal, if metal
Barbara Davidson from North Carolina says:
"Plugged" into TV and unhooked the old "rabbit ears". Nothing but static and no picture whatsoever, the entire time I went through the channel surf. I unplugged it and re-attached ... Read more
Cami Shaper - Disappointed in the product
Amy H, from Sevier County says:
I was very excited to try this cami after seeing the infamorical a million times. I was however very disappointed in the product. The quality seems ok, but there was ... Read more
Shed Pal - Shed Fail
Matt says:
This product is just awful. From its week motor to its incredibly cheep feel, I do not recommend this product. It does not collect the hair off of pets easily ... Read more
Slim Ts - Only thing slimmer is your wallet
Michael from California says:
Like so many men, we will do most anything to drop a size or two. The commercials GUARANTEE you will instanly lose 2 pant sizes. Guys, the only way that's ... Read more
Free TV Key - Rip off
Lue from Texas says:
Does absolutely nothing. Only thing I see is static. Save your money! ... Read more
Cami Shaper - Waste of money
Cammie from Michigan says:
I had high hopes when I rushed to buy this thing but after wearing it one time was sooooo very disappointed. It kept rolling up over my stomache & I ... Read more
Free TV Key - Please don't waste your money!
Dennis from San Diego, CA says:
I have tried product on all my TV's, all different ways at different times. Following directions made no difference either. Please, do not buy this product unless you just enjoy ... Read more
Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System - It actually works...
Fred from SF Bay says:
Yep the belt actually works; I have seen real loss every time I wear the belt and do the contractions. Of course it does much better when I do the ... Read more
Genie Bra - Sad Waste of $$
Sookie from PDX says:
Puchased the Genie bra on 3/4/11, recvd 4/25/11. Ordered a 2X as my bust size is 40DDD and sizing goes by measurements. The Genie Bra gives no support as it ... Read more
MaxiClimber - Poor service
Kim from Canton says:
The machine is pretty cool but cheaply made. It broke and they have terrible customer service. I was told they would not replace the machine but would replace the part. ... Read more
Fushigi Gravity Ball - Please don't be fooled
John from Connecticut says:
The product works If you are an experienced contact juggler. Everything you see in the add is skill of the user and has nothing to do with the ball. It's ... Read more
Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System - Do not waste your money!
Tammy from Washington says:
Actually the makers of this product have been quite crafty in combining three components to their system to suck us in. 1. The Cream, it contains basically the same active ... Read more
Plug and Safe - Only turned on the lamp
Max from Montreal says:
They claim that it analyses all the entry points. I bought mine, I plugged it in many places in my home but every time, it only turned the lamp on ... Read more
MyPurMist - Read before you buy MyPurmist
JQ from Florida says:
Our NEGATIVE experience is with VAPORE LLC, the maker of MyPurMist, a hand held inhaler/vaporizer, marketed on tv and sold online and in Target.Vapore LLC claims that MyPurmist is "all ... Read more
MaxiClimber - Cheaply made
Janet from MI says:
Got it on Monday broke Tuesday. The idea was great and the one time I used it I like it but just cheap metal. ... Read more
Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System - You BET it works!
Pat from Savannah, GA says:
I was a naysayer about a product like this. I had no confidence in it, but was desperate after having gained so much weight in my stomach over about a ... Read more
ScaleBlaster - Scaleblaster is a fraud
Richard Geer from Bozeman, MT says:
I am a retired chemistry professor and 60 years ago I was part of a group that investigated water conditioners that were similar and made the same claims. They as ... Read more
RoboStir - No more worry
Maureen Hayes from Illinois says:
When I received this product I thought to myself why did i order this. After using it I can't live without it. It's great when making spaghetti o's and tomatoe ... Read more
Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System - Need stretchier or bigger belt
Isabella from San Jose, Ca says:
I am female, size 22. I just received my order of the tummy tuck system, I am curvy, but after a little struggle of trying to get belt on with ... Read more
Free TV Key - Rabbit ears your best friend.
Kenny Grimble says:
This is a waste of time and money. I have a set of rabbit ears that work better.. this is junk.. don't waste your money.. ... Read more
Shed Pal - Doesn't hold up to its promise
Belinda from Clarksville,TN says:
I have to agree with the above person...I wish I could've read some reviews before I bought that product. I also bought the deluxe with the adapter, the adapter cord ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - None worked
Sharon from Georgia says:
I bought 4. All in strong sunlight. Not the first little bit of light at night. None, nada, zip, zilch. Real waste of $80 ... Read more
Fushigi Gravity Ball - fushigi rocks
steambuddy from florida says:
although its a ball.... its the way its designed that exploits reflective properties to really make the ball look like its floating.... this thing is awesome.... ... Read more
Hurricane 360 Spin Mop - Piece of rubbish
Steve Buchan from Phoenix says:
If you buy this you will pay $53 for shipping a piece of trash you will use (if lucky) 15 times before it breaks. This is a foreign made product, ... Read more
Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System - Stupefied!
Andi from IL. says:
I have been changing my eating habits and trying to get back into regular exercise (not doing too well with the latter) for about 2 months now and although I ... Read more
Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System - Surprised - 2 inches first week
Renee from Texas says:
At first I thought I was trying another scam. However, I got it, measured and a week later had to take 3 measurements because I did not believe it. I ... Read more
Ever Brite Solar Light - Low Quality
Dorothy from California says:
2 lights stopped working after 2 weeks of installation, 1 light is not super bright like they advertise. I called customer service for replacement, but they claim my 30 day ... Read more
Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System - Pants are loose
Margie from Maryland says:
I too don't usually try stuff sold on infommercials, but was desperate to lose some of my tummy bulge, which only seems to get worse as I age. I've been ... Read more
Cami Shaper - Nothing Special
K. Tanz from Las Vegas says:
I had high hopes that this would smooth smooth over my muffin top and hold everything else in whilke I sensibly lose some weight...but this product has next to no ... Read more
Clear TV - Don't believe the hype
Chavo Delgado from Oklahoma City, OK. says:
It works, but it gets the same channels as a $5 antenna from family dollar! ... Read more