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Does Mister Steamy Really Work?

Mister Steamy is a fabric steaming product that claims that there will be no need to iron clothes any more, thanks to Mister Steamy, they say.  According to them, Mr. Steamy is a handy dryer ball that uses the power of steam, so that as clothes are drying in the dryer, the wrinkles will also disappear.  What’s more, Mister Steamy dryer balls are easy to use, they claim.  Simply add a little water to the ball, and then toss them along with your clothes into the dryer.  Voila!  They claim that your clothes will all come out wrinkle free, and will also feel softer, smoother and look fluffier, whether they are cotton, polyesters or blends.  Best of all, your bed sheets, linens, curtains, tablecloths et. al. will come out ready to use–fresh out of the dryer.

Mister Steamy Reviews

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I am now on my second set. The first set lasted for about a year before the sponge inside shrunk, but that was with daily use. I’m not the best clothes folder, so every morning I put me and my kid’s clothes in the dryer with these balls, and the wrinkles come right out. They might not make your clothes look perfectly pressed, so if you’re going for that look it won’t work. But if you’re looking to remove wrinkles, it’s great!

December 27th, 2011
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