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Does Minden Anytime Grill Really Work?

Traditional grills require much effort and can be messy compared to other means of cooking. Minden Anytime Grill promises to provide a complete grilling set that will work to ease out the difficulties of this cooking method. Its body is said to be covered with enamel paint to prevent steel from rusting even when exposed to high temperature when cooking. Minden Anytime Grill claims that there will be no charcoal needed to heat the grill so you can start grilling even inside the house. The Minden Anytime Grill comes together with a container that can be placed on your stove to collect oil or marinade that drips off from the food you grill. This grilling set also includes a lid that prevents the escape of heat to make sure the food is cooked thoroughly.

Minden Anytime Grill Reviews

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I love this grill! I have use it almost every day. The grilled food is healthier, juicier, and so easy to prepare. The only smoke/flare up issue was when I used a lower grade of ground beef to make my husband a hamburger, but otherwise, no problems. I fix grilled fruit and vegetables every day. Grilled steak – Filet Mignon is as good as any steakhouse around. I am so glad I had insomnia and saw this on early morning infomercial tv. I would be lost without it!

August 22nd, 2012
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Bought this off TV a few months ago, it has not left my stovetop. Makes delicious steak and the juiciest chicken I’ve ever achieved at home. I also use it to reheat left-overs, and make pizza. The pizza is to die for.

March 12th, 2012
Muncie, Indiana
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