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Does Mighty Fixit Really Work?

There are some things that duct tape can’t fix, but Mighty Fixit can.  And here’s why—Mighty Fixit is not tape, but a flexible, air tight, water resistant silicone wrap.  Anything might be broken—a branch of a tree, the water sprinkler line, or your drainpipe.  Wrap Mighty Fixit around it, and it instantly fuses onto itself.  The surface is only incidental, Mighty Fixit is flexible like rubber, but they would have you believe it is also strong as steel.  Mighty.  Also they say that it can withstand heat up to 800 UL which means it would do fine with a wiring job, and below temperature weather poses no problem too, they say.  Mighty Fixit will simply fix it.  You are safe, insulated and protected from any sort of breakage or wreckage, they say, with Mighty Fixit.  But despite its name, this product does not just fix, it also improves.  It may be a work tool or a tennis racket—Mighty Fixit will give it a better grip.  But it would be confusing to also call it Mighty Improve It.  What it does, it does, they say.  And if that is so, that would be all that matters.

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