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Does Malibu Pilates Really Work?

Malibu Pilates is a workout machine that claims to work you from head to toe. The Malibu Pilates machine is actually a chair that folds away for easy storage, assembling the chair is also said to be quite easy. MalibuPilates from Guthy-Renker comes with an instructional DVD that contains video instructions on how to use the machine, as well as providing routine workouts with easy exercises for first timers and more advanced exercises for those with a considerable level of experience on the product. Also in the package is a diet plan, and progress chart. As seen on the TV infomercial with Susan Lucci, Malibu Pilates is said to be combined with a healthy diet plan to achieve the best result.

Malibu Pilates Reviews

Yes - Pilates is fun again.
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I had the Pilates Performer for many years. It worked well, but took up too much space. I sold it and bought the Malibu Pilates Chair. I love it! It works as well as the Performer, but it is easier to use. It provides a good workout. Mine came with a poster and 7 videos. A couple of them include cardio pilates. This does help to firm and strengthen muscles.

L. A.
May 7th, 2012
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Yes - Malibu
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The Malibu chair is easy to store and assemble. I found the product does work but like anything you must use it regularly. I have just had an ankle reconstruction and I couldn’t walk for 5-6 months. I used the Pilates Bench for upper body mainly. It is not designed for cardio. There are other equipment you can use to get the same effect.

August 28th, 2011
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No - I Wish I Could Give It Lower Than One
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It is a typical TV rip-off. The construction is shoddy and rickety. The exercises are not challenging and they do not work. I spent a ton of money on the thing and truthfully, should have just bought a pair of good walking shoes instead.

May 13th, 2011
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