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Does Magna Nails Really Work?

Fancy painting your nails and make it match with your moods, outfits, or simply just want to make them look good all the time? You might want to give Magna Nails a try. It claims to be one of the most unique nail polishes that you can purchase today. With the Magna Nails, the manufacturer claims that you can come up with stunning designs that look unique and great. The thought behind the product is simple. Magna Nails salon formula nail polish contains magnetized particles. When the Magna Nails magnet is place on the nail polish, these magnetic particles are arranged, and form into patterns that look great and can be very hard to follow. With this unique feature, Magna Nails promises that your nails will stand out all the time.

Magna Nails Reviews

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Don’t waste your money. Bought the product, used the blue. Takes more than two coats to get design, and you have to put the magnet so close you risk messing up the polish. Polish begins chipping within 10 hours. After I removed the polish, I was left with a blue tint to my fingernails, which I will have to buff to get off. This product needs to be removed from the market. There’s also no consumer affairs or customer service information on the box, so no one to contact for refund. Website mentions you can “list information below,” but there’s no form. Take your $20 and go to a nail salon, where it’s safe.

Donna Younger
October 17th, 2013
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