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Does Magic Steamwave Really Work?

Do you like how fast the microwave cooks your food but you hate that your food ends up being very dry and bland? You might be able to whip up delicious and juicy meals with your microwave by using the Magic Steamwave. The manufacturer claims that this product will transform your microwave into a steam cooker, which will ensure that your food’s natural flavor and juices will be intact. To use, all you need to do is to put the food that you want to heat or cook inside the MagicSteamwave and then place the lid on it. Then you just have to add some water on the steam capsule and twist it in order for it to lock into place. As your food cooks or heats inside the microwave, the Magic Steamwave coats your food with steam that locks in the moisture, juices and natural flavors into the food. With Magic Steamwave, the manufacturer promises that the food you cook with your microwave is juicier and full of flavor.

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