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Does LyfeLite Really Work?

Are you looking for reliable light bulbs for your home? LyfeLite are the lightbulbs that you might want to use then. The manufacturer claims that these are some of the best lightbulbs that you can get for your home today. Lyfe Lite bulbs are LED bulbs which are bright yet consume minimal amounts of power which means that they will be able to provide you the home illumination that you need at minimal energy cost. Also, LyfeLite bulbs come with two tons of light so whether you want more white light in your home or want a lighter tone, there is a Lyfe Lite bulb for you. What makes these light bulbs really amazing is that they feature a battery inside which charges as they are plugged in your lightbulb socket. When the power goes out, LyfeLite can still light up for to 8 hours. This makes these bulbs also function as an emergency light on power outages. With LyfeLite, the manufacturer promises that you will have the light that you need for your home, even when the power is out.

LyfeLite Reviews

Yes - Works Great!
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I bought these bulbs earlier this year because our area is prone to power outages. These bulbs are amazing. They come with an adapter to hang them from & turn them on so you can take into a room during a power outage. I’m currently at 5 days without power due to Hurricane Irma. These lights have been a blessing. We only turn them on in the restroom or closet when entering & they have lasted 5 days so far (not on constant) I highly recommend purchasing these lights. AS A SIDE NOTE, IF YOU HAVE A FIXTURE THAT HAS MORE THAN ONE SOCKET ONE OF THESE BULBS WILL HAVE TO BE IN EACH LIGHT SOCKET TO WORK. Like a bath vanity light that takes 4 bulbs, 4 of these bulbs would have to be in that fixture. Guy above probably had that problem when switch was cut off lift would come on because he didn’t replace all the bulbs. I learned the hard way…lol

September 15th, 2017
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Yes - It Works Well
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

I bought last week. and this bulb is superb. I can use it as an everyday bulb and I can also bring it in anywhere I wanted to. I’m still waiting for the blackout in our area to test if this will really work in blackout but overall I love this bulb!!!

Mary Smith
April 26th, 2017
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No - Turns on when you turn off
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Bad idea. It’s not a everyday use light and expensive. It’s not a reliable light. Some do one thing others do something else. I bought 8 bulbs wish i had not bought any A regular LED bulb is much lower cost. plus shipping was high too.

Ronald Nyberg
April 24th, 2017
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