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Does Lock Wallet Really Work?

RFID scanning of credit cards and the like is very prevalent nowadays and this is one of the major causes of a lot of fraudulent credit card transactions today. If you want to protect your identity as well as your credit cards and the like from being unlawfully scanned then the Lock Wallet is a product that might help you out. The manufacturer claims that this product will help prevent the RFID scanning of your credit cards without your knowledge. What’s great about the Lock Wallet is that it is small and compact yet its premium design allows it to hold up to 36 cards with ease. What sets it apart from other wallets however is that the LockWallet features special RFID blocking material that the manufacturer promises will protect your various cards from being scanned without your knowledge, effectively preventing your identity from being stolen and should negate any hassles that you may encounter with fraudulent transactions involving your credit cards.

Lock Wallet Reviews

No - Think about it...
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Hotel key cards have RFID chips in them, can you hold that key card ten feet from the door to open it? Of course not! Same goes for the RFID in your credit cards, that’s why you have to insert it into the machine to pay…there is not a battery in the RFID chip, so it transmits NOTHING. The power/battery is in the reader itself and can only read the info at close proximity…think about this before wasting money on a useless ‘security’ device.

April 3rd, 2016
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No - It Sucks
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I bought this wallet at Bed, Bath and Beyond and took it back for a refund the next day after using it. It has the thinnest card holders, so thin that it is almost impossible to get your card back in once you have taken it out. Also, you have to fold your bills and it is not deep enough to hold the Bills properly so they stick out and then get caught in the zipper. It has 2 positives. #1 it keeps everything secure, once you push the Bills in deep enough, which is not easy since the pocket is too shallow and #2 it allows you to keep your license in the clear window on the outside of the wallet but the Negatives out weigh the Positives.

I recommend the Wonder Wallet, it does not zip up but there is plenty of room for Bills and credit cards and the card holders are thick and strong. I like mine.

February 29th, 2016
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