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Does Lizard Hose Really Work?

Do you do a lot of cleaning and gardening outside your home which involve the use of a garden hose on a regular basis? The Lizard Hose is a product that you might find to be truly useful then. The manufacturer claims that this a truly convenient garden hose for you to use. What’s great about the LizardHose is that it features a flexible inner lining as well as a stretchable and durable outer sleeve. When not in use, the Lizard Hose is really light weight at only 2 pounds and is compact as well. This makes the Lizard Hose easy to store and bring around. Attach it to your garden faucet and let water run through however, and the Lizard Hose will expand according to the water pressure, allowing you to have a truly functional and reliable water hose. The manufacturer also promises that the Lizard Hose will not kink when in use, so it should allow for hassle free use of the garden hose that will save you a lot of time and hassle when washing your car, cleaning the exterior of your home or watering your plants.

Lizard Hose Reviews

No - Hose blew up
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Thought we found a good hose, but we used it 3 times and than it blew up,who has time to run back and forth to stores for a hose 100 feet did well at first but not happy now.

Wendy & Lawrence Dyck
August 28th, 2016
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