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Does LiveWatch Wireless Home Security Really Work?

It is said that we currently live in dangerous times, that’s why it’s no longer surprising that more and more homeowners are considering the use of home security systems as means of residential protection. LiveWatch is a service provider of this emerging technology. Compared to traditional home security systems, Live Watch claims to be fastest option available with its use of cellular technology. It promises to address emergencies through all known digital platforms such as chat, SMS, and email. This allows monitoring to be conducted real-time in multiple devices. Featuring the Plug&Protect device, availing LiveWatch requires no installation and messy wiring. It is known for being customizable in order to address the safety needs of every family at home.

LiveWatch Wireless Home Security Reviews

Yes - Get what you pay for.
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

My home is in the middle of a national forest. I travel a lot and wanted to set up a couple of wifi cameras. I have satellite internet and was worried about the system working. Great support at the beginning and now I move the camera around with no problems. The service which tracks the camers is alarm.com. I can manage from security to camer clarity from my iPad. I travel a lot and now when I get home sick I can just take a look and remember. Also the cameras have motions detectors and sometime I will have recordings of my frIend the bear and her kids.

December 27th, 2014
Middle of nowhere
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