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Does Listen Up Really Work?

In simple terms, Listen Up is a sound amplifier that acts as a hearing aid. As seen on TV, ListenUp is manufactured for individuals experiencing difficultly hearing. According to its manufacturer, with this device in your ears you might never have to turn up the TV volume to a disturbing level or ask someone you’re speaking with to repeat a sentence. You should also be able to visit the theater, attend a church, or go to meeting with new found confidence. Listen Up is constructed to be small with two ear buds connected via cable. The device gets its power from a tiny changeable AAA battery.

Listen Up Reviews

No - It's too loud
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Yes you can hear birds and the door bell and the television with this device. But, you can also hear your own heart beat and any noise at all amplified. So loud it’s scary!

Gary Loucks
March 17th, 2012
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No - See a doctor instead
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I had some money left on a Sears Gift once and stumbled upon their “As seen on television” section. I was having some hearing trouble at the time and was too stubborn and lazy to see a doctor so I said “what the hell, for $14 I’ll try it.

It does somewhat amplify sound but it has a few major drawbacks:
1. The speakers were a little big for my ears and fit uncomfortably. I’m pretty sure my ears are average sized.
2. Anytime I moved slightly the Listen Up picked up an irratating rustling noise. You have stay really, really still to avoid this.

I finally visited a family doctor for a physical and he professionally cleaned out my ears by blasting water and cleansing solution and scraping out excess wax using special tools. If you’re having hearing problems I suggest you do the same.

Daniel Harris
October 20th, 2009
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