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Does Lint Lizard Really Work?

If you are among those who have problems with lint that accumulate in dryers, then Lint Lizard is a tool that claims to help make your dryer perform more efficiently by removing unwanted, accumulated lint in hard-to-reach places. Its standard fitting enables it to be used with any vacuum. This tool promises to unclog lint at the source through a fan nozzle which is designed for use with vent screens. With a length of 44 inches, Lint Lizard can easily reach into the lint catcher and vent of your dryer. This tool can also be used for hard-to-reach areas in other heavy appliances as well. Lint Lizard is said to be cost-efficient since it contributes in maximizing the energy use of appliances. Use of the Lint Lizard is said to be able to speed up your dryer by as much as 15 minutes.

Lint Lizard Reviews

Yes - Not Just for Lint
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One of the few TV products I’ve purchased, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is it useful on the dryer, its great for cleaning under the fridge, under the stove, and lots of tight places. I even use it in the car! One review said the hose is too short. This size hose can be purchased at ANY length in any hardware store. You can have a hose of any length. Good product.

Joe Dee
September 4th, 2014
New Jersey
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No - Not Very Good
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I have the dryer where the lint trap is on top and I can tell you that this product did not work very well past the first couple of inches of inserting it into the area to be cleaned. the tubing is not very long and it could get stuck and pulled off of the attachment. I wasted my money on this and it got donated to the Goodwill. Maybe someone else will have better luck with it.

Lisa Almond
August 18th, 2014
Charlotte, NC
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