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Does Lidtastic Really Work?

Are you tired of looking for lids to cover your bowls, pats and pans in order to neatly store your food? If conventional food storage methods cause a lot of mess inside your kitchen then you will want to try to use Lidtastic then. These are special silicone lids that the manufacturer claims will make food storage extremely easy and mess free. Lidtastic has a wide area that allows it to easily cover various sizes of bowls pots and pans. For mess free storage, all you need to do is to place Lidtastic on the bowl or tray that you want to cover and press down on the handle in order to create a vacuum seal that will help keep food fresh as well as prevent mess and spills. Lidtastic is also oven friendly, which the manufacturer promises will allow you to use Lidtastic to make cooking fast and even.

Lidtastic Reviews

Yes - Cut down on plastic wrap
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

Overpriced, even at dollar store price of $10, because you only get one good sized,and two teeny ones. But they are quick to find (hang on wall)and use (knob), cut down one plastic wrap, easy to wash, super cute on your coffee cup. Haven’t tried cooking with them. Looking for more sizes, at a good price.

October 22nd, 2015
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