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Does Leg Magic X Really Work?

The loss of mobility is a very important concern for people as they age, and maintaining lower body strength is one of the best ways a person can ensure they can remain active. Leg Magic X is a lower body exercise device designed to make it easy for anyone to build up the muscles of the legs and thighs. This is a new and improved version of the bestselling Leg Magic exercise equipment. Leg Magic X employs a comfortable and low-impact lateral gliding motion. It uses a person’s own body weight and a 9 degree angle to work the leg muscles in a way that is claimed to be more effective than walking. Results are supposedly achieved using it in quick intervals a just few times a day. The Leg Magic X comes already assembled and folds away for easy storage in the home.

Leg Magic X Reviews

Yes - So Good So Far!
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My daughter has one, which she bought a few years ago. She moved out and so I had to buy my own. This one is a little different from the one my daughter has. The Customer Rep (Kiara?) said the “X” was the newest version and the resistance can be adjusted by combining it with the gliders or power blocks. I bought the power blocks too and so far the machine’s been great. I can tell it’s more sturdy than the older version. It’s not a machine you jump on – must get on slowly and steadily.

Sharon Harman
February 25th, 2014
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Yes - Great Little Machine.
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I bought this machine after watching it on an infomercial one evening. I wanted something that would help me strengthen my legs (those resistance bands weren’t really good for the legs) as I love to walk but get tired quickly. I love this machine! I can feel my legs getting stronger. I can do more repetitions on the machine than when I first started. It’s been 3 weeks now. I didn’t buy the Power Blocks that makes the resistance more difficult, I think in a few more weeks I may have to buy them. Or I can do more repetitions! It was a little wobbly when I got on. Maybe the inventor can make the machine a little more stable. I just have to be careful not to lean forward on it when I get on.

Amy Sullivane
May 28th, 2013
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