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Does the Kymaro Body Shaper Really Work?

The Kymaro New Body Shaper, as the name says, is a body shaping product women may use to cloak belly fat, and unwanted bulges with the result of slimmer more confident look. The product is said to be inexpensive, comfortable and can be worn for any length of time. This shapewear comes in two separate pieces that can be worn individually, although it is recommended to wear both at once in order to get the best effect. Kymaro New Body Shaper comes in two colors. It’s advertised to be completely undetectable when worn underneath any fabric, with support for ones back.

Kymaro Body Shaper Reviews

Yes - Mission Accomplished
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It’s comfortable to wear for me. My jeans hold it in place from rolling up. I have the top part of it, in nude color. I wear a XLarge, It sucks in my stomach for me. The only problem I have is the back of it seems to want to lay into my roll. Either way it’s comfortable to wear, and I actually have it on now, under my nightie shirt. I’ve been working on losing weight and have lost 25 pounds in two months, this was just a little bit of a boost to help get off a couple inches to actually fit into my old jeans. Mission accomplished.

September 6th, 2012
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Yes - Sucks
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I got duped, buying 12 of these for my family. They were uncomfortable and felt awful on my skin! Ever wonder WHY the people that are shown in these are skinny? Of course this thing is going to look good on skinny people! Just a terrible product! But this is what they want and how they survive!

November 29th, 2011
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No - Don't Bother...........
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The Kymaro body shaper did not do anything for me. In fact, I think I looked worse with it on! The top mashed my gutt and I couldn’t really breath. It made me looked pregnant and my rolls were coming out from underneath. As for the bottom, it smashed my butt and made it look flat, and didn’t make my hips and thighs look any smaller. The bottom also rolled up. Not a good look or feel. For all the pain and trouble, I might as well lose weight and suck in my gutt!

Doris Martinez
August 24th, 2011
Philadelphia PA
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No - Painful all around
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I bought this product about 2 years ago after the birth of my daughter. I wore it once and I had red marks along my shoulders and the bottom kept riding up! I received 2 colors, nude and black and it lost shape after first week of use.I have worn it a few times when I’m going out, and my husband says I look the same with it on or off. Not worth the investment and pain!

August 21st, 2011
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No - Ripped off and duped
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First don’t bother with the bottom shaper if you don’t seriously need to lose some butt or saddle bags. Why I ever imagined it would do anything but flatten and smash the “cheeks” of my already nonexistent backside together I have no idea. More like those sports bras that give you a flat uni-boob for your butt LOL Then, you are told to pull the top OVER the bottom, yet emphasize the fact they are separate pieces. Might as well be one. Pull it down to use the restroom and you just can’t get the top pulled back over it. It also cut uncomfortably into my waist. Maybe it was just the wrong size? Onto the top… Best part in my opinion was that it seemed to keep my underarm breast matter pushed forward where it really should be, and help my overall posture. My husband DID tell me I looked better in the top (flatter tummy), however I felt it just moved my belly into my waist, and as I also have no hips, the small illusion of a waist I do have disappeared completely. The bottom of the top rolled up, and it did not seem to breath as I believed it would. My husband actually bought these at my request, for Christmas, and bought one of everything they offered, and although all shipped in one box, was charged $9 shipping for each piece. I am sick at the $$ he spent on these. (they also offer a clear bra strap version which removes the cross back back and hence the improved posture and breast support improvement. – the 2 things I liked about the product) So, although I cannot say others will not be more pleased with the results they receive (hard to say that proper sizing was not an issue) I feel ripped off and, frankly, duped.

April 21st, 2011
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No - Don't Bother
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I bought this product on ebay to minimize cost especially if I found it less than what’s promised. The product is VERY DIFFICULT to pull on and the top definately will roll up! The top will slim you and was comfortable but the bottom unit is unbelievably sized ‘way too small. I don’t know how you would ever determine what size you’d need for this. The top needs to be ordered at least two sizes bigger than you would normally wear but if you can find a way to keep it from rolling, you’d like it. DEFINATELY NOT WORTH THE PRICE!!!

November 29th, 2009
North Carolina
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Yes - I'm Torn!
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I purchased this after MUCH consideration and followed the size chart upon ordering my size. When I received it, it seemed too big! The instructions stated to wash it before wear, but I HAD to try it on first! I did wash it and found that it fit much better.

I did find it to be way to long, it comes down over my hips, (I am 5’3) but so far, it does not ride up.

Also, I have to kind of “lift and separate” the girls (if you know what I mean) and position them so the top of the body shaper fits right under them.

I also notice that after wearing it for a day, it has to be re-washed, or it loses it’s shape. I don’t notice any help on my back with ‘back fat’ redistribution as the criss cross strap area that is see through does nothing for me and I am not even that big. I am about 30lbs overweight. Maybe it works better on bigger girls?

I really expected to lose a bunch of inches but honestly only about three in my jeans but my tops are looser. I only carry weight in my stomach so I kind of look a little top heavy (heavier!) so I don’t wear it everyday.

Considering I bought it on Ebay, I am happy with it, but had I purchased it full price from the infomercial, I would definately be disappointed.

Don’t expect to look like the girl on the commercial, she’s like a buck ten and doesn’t need to wear the thing anyway!

September 30th, 2009
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