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Does Krill Omega-3 Really Work?

Omega -3 is a natural compound that is known to have numerous benefits regarding joint health, cardiovascular health as well as brain function. If you are looking for the best Omega -3 available today then Krill Omega-3 just might be the product for you. The manufacturer claims that this product has the best type of Omega 3 available today, and along with special compounds makes Omega 3’s benefits for the body a lot more potent. While conventional Omega 3 is extracted from fish oil, Krill Omega-3’s compound is extracted from krill; small shrimp-like creatures that are part of fish’s food chain. Studies have shown that krill’s Omega 3 is actually a lot more potent than that of fish oil, and that it also contains phospholipids as well as astaxanthin that not only improves the joint, brain and health boosting effects of Omega 3, but at the same time keeps the body’s cells a lot healthier and protects them from oxidation as well. So if you want to reap the great benefits of Omega 3 while at the same time stay looking young and feel a lot more energetic then the manufacturer promises that Krill Omega-3 will give those benefits to you.

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