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Does Kettleworx Really Work?

Kettleworx is a fitness program wherein you can use three kind of elements namely: fitness, cardio – core and resistance.. This is a twenty minute workout which turns your body into a fitness machine because of it has three dimensional movements, This workout is useful for toning your muscles by using the three elements. The Kettleworx fitness program is meant to run for six weeks. Fitness trainer, Ryan Shanahan will guide you through the eighteen workouts. It can be done in your own home. The training will take twenty minutes, three times a week equivalent to one hour a week and it should last for six weeks. You will notice changes in your body. You will get four DVD’s plus two other DVD’s and a body sculpting Collection which men and women can use for certain parts of their bodies.

Kettleworx Reviews

Yes - Excellent workout
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It is a great workout twenty minutes. You do not stop at all between exercises until the three sets are completed. I have developed more muscle tone than when I had joined a gym using their machines. This is a great home workout.

The key is not stopping once you start because your muscles are very sore that first week. Once you get in a routine it gets easier each time and fun to do. I look forward to my workouts and all I have to do is turn the DVD player on. Driving to a gym and working on sweaty machines is something that I will never have to do again.

My suggestion is to get the five pound along with the ten pound weight because before you know it you will be using only the ten pound kettlebell.

Great home workout and I tell everyone about it.

Laura Greenberg
September 20th, 2012
Wilmore, KY.
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Yes - Great product!
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Expect pilates and a bit of walking I have not done any sort of exercising until I bought Kettleworx! The key is to start off slow and buy the 5 lb weight but shortly buy the 10 lb weight as your body does get used to it and you need to challenge yourself.

It is a wonderful product! The trainer does an excellent job though after the first set of each at the start of each DVD they are repeated like 3 more times so that can be a bit irritating.

However, the exercises are easy to do and are quite fun. You do build a sweat and your body feels great. I bought the 3 extra DVDS for the advanced part but have not gotten to them yet.

Everyone can spare 20 min for each DVD and you feel great afterward!


February 26th, 2011
Miami Beach, FL
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