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Does Kaboom NeverScrub Really Work?

Kaboom® NeverScrub is a product that’s said to bring users the benefit of a clean toilet bowl free from germs, grease, dirt particles, and rust and hard water stains. Only one refill cartridge is said to provide continual protection over a course of 3 months. As seen on the TV commercial with Billy Mays, Kaboom NeverScrub is also said to be easy to install, requiring just a minute to do so. The product itself is to be placed inside the toilet tank where it won’t be seen. Due to its invisibility when installed, Kaboom NeverScrub is probably ideal for use in toilets at homes, hotels, offices, and commercial complexes.

Kaboom NeverScrub Reviews

Yes - Use in my Bathroom & Kitchen
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I love it and also tried Kaboom spray “changes colors when it’s clean” doesn’t work as well.
But I also love kaboom “with oxi clean” in the purple bottle! That is the only thing I use in my bathroom and kitchen (sink mainly).

January 17th, 2012
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Yes - Recommended by Toilet manufacturers for a REASON
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I ignored the warnings on my two new toilets and I put standard white bleach tablets in the tanks. Ater 3 years, the flush mechanisms (mostly plastic parts)were SHOT and had to be replaced.

Kaboom sends the cleaner straight down into the bowl, without touching the internal parts in the tank! The toilet stays fresh smelling and clean — and no harm done!

PS – it wasn’t hard to install, and I’m an absolute clutz with tools, etc.!

May 26th, 2011
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Yes - Gets rid of water rings
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This actually does work. I had some water rings where the water level was and it removed them.

June 3rd, 2010
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