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Does Jyze Pro Really Work?

With Jyze Pro one can have a cardio toning experience that will help you to burn more calories while you walk. It will be, they say, as though you were jogging instead of walking. Just bring the Jyze Pro with you on your walk, and grasp the handles. By continually pulling on your handles the Jyze Pro disk will spin, and you will have different levels of resistance, they claim. As a result, while you are walking you are also benefitting by an entire upper body workout, they claim. The Jyze Pro they add can be used when you are walking on the treadmill or cycling. According to Jyze Pro, studies show you can burn up to 32% more calories. This is because it will be as though you were jogging or swimming, only minus the body aches and fatigue that often follow the uninitiated, they add. Even when you are watching your favorite television program, or lying in bed you can do your Jyze –Pro workout, they add.

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