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Does Jupiter Jack Really Work?

Jupiter Jack converts any car radio into a convenient wireless speaker system. Jupiter Jack is the latest, innovative mobile phone accessory that lets you enjoy a safe, hands-free communication with your family and friends. It is intended to work with any type of mobile phone in any car. As seen on the TV show Pitchmen with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, Jupiter Jack is very easy to set-up – just plug it in your cellular phone’s headphone port, tune in your radio to the specified FM frequency and you’re good to go! Jupiter Jack works by sending out quality audio through the car’s speakers that allows you to have wireless conversations in your car keeping your eyes on the road, 100% of the time.

Jupiter Jack Reviews

No - didnt work for me
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I bought it and hoped it would work-neither frequency worked…99.3 or 101.3-both very much static…i returned it where i bought it and wont be recommending it to anyone i know.

October 19th, 2009
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No - It's Today's Mr. Microphone
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It didn’t work in two different cars, but it does work on my home stereo. Sadly that’s not extremely useful.

My phone has a really good mp3 player, so it could work if I didn’t already have cable adapters set up on my stereo for it – which a hard line still delivers better quality music.

A phone call over the stereo isn’t really useful inside since the range seems to be in the area of 1-3 feet and I had to turn the stereo volume way up to hear it.

It’s basically a toy that’s going to be hit or miss due to it’s limited signal range, your car radio, and radio stations in use where you live.

It also takes a small nickel size watch battery, I imagine the battery life can’t be too long and it explains the weak signal.

Bluetooth transmitters can have the same problems… transmitting to a car radio is just hard to do successfully for everyone.

October 15th, 2009
New Mexico
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No - What frequency ?
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I could not get the Jupiter Jack to work on either of the suggested raido frequencies! If they did semi- work the interference was to much to hear any thing.

C Candelaria
October 15th, 2009
Tucson Az
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No - Can't use it
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I picked up a Jupiter Jack at our local WAlgreens in the Phoenix area. The adaptor fitted my phone so I thought I would be up and running. Problem is, neither frequency they say to use is a “dead” station. Both play music in this area, so the Jupiter Jack is useless. I did try their “help” web site but it didn’t tell you anything different than the booklet enclosed with the JJ. And there is no live person to talk to.

Kay Guetzloff
October 13th, 2009
Peoria, AZ
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No - Bad Product
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Terrible product. Worked the first time I plugged it in and turned on the radio on. After that, it did not work again. I tried more than one frequency.

October 13th, 2009
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No - No Live Customer Support!
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My review is not about how well the product works because I still can’t use it. However, I can truthfully say the customer support/service is frustrating.

I’ve had my Jupiter Jack since September 18th. I can’t use it because none of the adapters that came with it work with my Sony Ericcson TM506. So, I followed directions in the Instructional Manual and went to JupiterJackHelp .com and clicked the link for “adapters.” Unfortuneately, my MAKE (Sony Ericcson) was listed, but not my particular MODEL (TM506). So a couple of days later I called 1-800-945-0322 (as instructed) and followed computerized prompts for AUTO ordering. I gave all the requested information by keying it in or speaking into the phone when prompted.
There was no option given for speaking with a real person. I had to trust and wait to hear from Jupiter Jack.

Today is October 1st and I still haven’t heard back from Jupiter Jack or received the adapter I paid S&H on. I don’t know whether or not they even have an adapter that will fit my phone. Also, since the Instructional Manual has no address for Returns I don’t know for certain where to send it to get my money back.

Long story to short: Unless you’re certain the Jupiter Jack will fit your cell phone be wary!

October 1st, 2009
Cornelius, NC
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Yes - Jupiter Jack
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

The Jupiter Jack works great! It mounts easily on a dashboard and gives clear sound through speakers. It is a great deal for only $20 and makes driving a lot safer. It is now equipped with a bunch of different frequency settings too. This allows you to avoid static on frequencies where regular radio stations exist.

August 31st, 2009
Denver, CO
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Yes - Works as advertised but could be better
2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars

The JupiterJack works as advertised but the product could work a lot better, which is why I’m giving it a mixed review, answering “Yes” but only giving the product a 2 star rating.

The Jupiter Jack really does let you hear your cell/mobile phone through your radio. But the Jupiter Jack is programmed to use only one frequency (88.7 FM for my unit). In my area, I sometimes get interference from another radio station on that frequency. I tried Jupiter Jack with various radios in my house as well as my car radio. The quality of the audio varied widely from radio to radio. And it changed when I drove with it; sometimes it was perfectly clear, other times interference made it impossible to use.

The signal sent out by the JupiterJack is very weak. You really need to have the device right up against your radio for you to hear it clearly. Even placing it on my passenger seat rendered it ineffective. The official Jupiter Jack website now has a 2-for-1 deal, but they offer a dashboard mount as an add-on product. That dashboard mount will come in very handy in keeping the Jupiter Jack very close to your car radio.

The JupiterJack comes with 3 adapters so it should work with any model of cellular phone that you have. One interesting thing I did with the Jupiter Jack was use one of the adapters to attach it to my mp3 player so I could listen to my music over the radio.

In short, I am ambivalent about this product and whether it was really worth buying. Jupiter Jack is a great idea with only so-so performance.

Paul Lucas
August 11th, 2009
San Mateo, California
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