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Does Jiffy Scoops Really Work?

As arguably the world’s No. 1 comfort food, ice cream is a staple in the fridge. However, it takes a little time of waiting to enjoy a scoop after taking a tub out of the freezer. Whether using a metal spoon or an ice stick, it’s not that easy to break frozen ice cream. Jiffy Scoops promises to be in handy for such situations. An ice cream scooper that is said to defrost hardened ice cream, the Jiffy Scoops features a shake and heat technology that allows easier transfer to a cone or cup. When shaken, the Jiffy Scoops warms up in order to soften the ice cream for effortless scooping. This is made possible by the product’s liquid salt component, which crystallizes do to the shaking and gradually emits heat. Jiffy Scoops does not affect the taste of ice cream and can be instantly cleaned just by putting it under running water.

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