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Does James Smith Series Really Work?

Real estate may be at a downturn, but amid this scenario, the James Smith Real Estate Wealth System Series sees a girth of opportunity, they claim.  The James Smith Real Estate Wealth System is a series of seven real estate workbooks on the following topics:   A Quick Start Guide, Creative Financing, Profiting From Tax Liens and Deeds, Credit Repair, Foreclosure Opportunities, Commercial Real Estate, and Tackling the Tax Code.  Also, there is one additional workbook called The Foreclosure Prevention Kit.  Each workbook has a corresponding audio training DVD, totaling eight in number.  The author, James Smith, has been a real estate practitioner for over 40 years.  He claims that the real estate investing principles and foundational techniques in his teaching materials have been proven, to build wealth, even in today’s economy.

James Smith Series Reviews

Yes - Life changing info
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

My siblings and i invested in the information from this company over four years ago, it has been a life changing experience for my whole family the information given was practical and very informative James Smith has a huge heart for people and really cares about each and every person doing well and being a success.
He will stop at nothing to make sure each person
Has the knowledge to do realestate like a pro
And protect themselves from making a bad investment.
The investment in this company is well worth the money!!
I would recommend it to anyone looking to do realestate deals the correct way and how to protect the assets once you have gained them.
I have never seen another company that has the integrity level that this one does.
I am truly blessed to have received the knowledge to change my world and touch the lives around me through realestate.

Elisabeth Bishop
September 29th, 2013
Hartford CT
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No - This is fraud
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

Several people got up and left (I should have, too!). Arrogant James was there for about 45 minutes. The rest was taught by Pompous Ryan, where his most compelling lesson was how to commit credit card fraud by exaggerating your income. Skip it.

David Schepner
May 5th, 2013
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No - Invester
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

[..] I paid $6000 for 3 day seminar and they try to upgrade you to a $19000 seminar. Like one person said, you get James for an hour and the rest is taught by Ryan and then you get over the phone sessions by some useless person who tells you about someone they know to get deals you need, and how to go into debit to get your property fixed, it is a big fat scam!

Brian H.
January 20th, 2013
Paso Robles, CA
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No - There is one born every minute.
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

I was one. They are excellent speakers and very entertaining and motivational. They offer a dream and make it seem real. If you’re really listening, they never quite tell you exactly what to do, just how easy it is to do it.

So, I got 16 weeks of someone feeding me a line of crap about joining the local real estate investment club and how it was my fault I hadn’t already made a back to back close and flipped a house already using transactional funding. [..]
Essentially, you’re supposed to market houses you don’t own and hope the sellers don’t have an internet connection to find out how much they are really selling for so you can sell them for more.

I have no doubt people make money doing real estate deals. The thing I found most interesting, was that every one of the speakers at the seminar which was a week long, said they were very rich, made a lot of money doing real estate. [However], none of them were as fortunate as all the suckers in the room that paid to go to the seminar. The speakers all had to do it with no seminar. Well, that kind of tells you what the seminars are really worth.

While I have been able to get a few houses and rent them out. I’m a couple years in, and the money I spent on the seminars would have been better spent on property. Sincerely, I was taken like a fool by that company. They said nothing that I could not find on the internet or talking to people that are actually investing in real estate. I am sure they make a lot more money giving seminars than they do investing in real estate.

Don’t be [fooled], buy a book or even better research on the internet. Don’t blow a bunch of money on a cheer session.

November 1st, 2012
San Diego
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Yes - I can do this
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

I have wanted to get into real estate investing for years, but thought you had to do it very slow & that gradual appreciation would carry the day. These courses have given me new insight & more importantly renewed faith that I can do this!

Mike Mosee
May 7th, 2011
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Yes - Better than 4yr degree
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Loved it. I just finished the 3 day real estate seminar and learned about acquiring notes, liens, and properties than 10 years of investing on my own. The rental advise was worth more than I paid for the whole course

C Pann
April 18th, 2011
San Diego
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No - Caveat Emptor
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

I have attended the first two days of the Financial Success seminar and will go back for the final day tomorrow. The speakers are excellent, knowledgeable, and entertaining. The products they are selling and the returns they promise if you take their training are intriguing and designed to whet your appetite for more information. HOWEVER – the cost of the courses they are selling is very high. Go ahead and take this $49 3-day seminar, it is worth the price of admission for the entertainment value alone. (You only get about an hour of James Smith himself, but he is very entertaining. His son, Ryan Smith, does most of the training and he also is very good speaker and is more focused on delivering useful info than his dad.) You will get a lot of useful information at the seminar that may stimulate your interest in learning more about one or more types of investments. For example, the tax-lien investment program sounded interesting to me but their course costs $3,995 (the “reduced” price at the seminar). Chances are, your $4K would be better spent if you did some research on your own and invested that money (whether in tax liens or elsewhere) instead of handing it over to James Smith & Co. After that particular session, I Googled “tax lien” and found an investment-training course available for about $60. Still, whether or not you choose to drink their Kool Aid is a judgment call. Because this 3-day seminar is so well organized, orchestrated, and presented that I suspect that the courses offered will provide useful investment information that is presented skillfully. However, once you have taken one or more of the courses you will have to act on that knowledge in order to justify the expense of the training. Are you fully committed to devoting the time and money (including possibly using borrowed bucks) to working the system and to accepting the financial risks of a big deal going south? I’ve decided that I am not, but your mileage may vary. In the meantime, I am enjoying this cheap course.

March 27th, 2011
San Diego
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1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

I paid $7,700 for 12 weeks of 1 hour weekly phone coaching but my coach didn’t fulfill his duties. [btw, the cost is on a sliding scale – more $ you have, more it will cost you].

when I asked for refund, they assigned me to another coach. When I specifically told the 2nd coach that I’m in dispute with them, that I don’t want to be charged for this, he said no worries.

later when chase visa [credit card I used] investigated this dispute, the coaching company said since I went ahead with the 2nd coach, I should not be entitled to a refund. This is deception. Many other cases too. All this is well documented with chase visa.

don’t buy it or their services. I consider it a scam.

[chase visa voted in my favor]

December 24th, 2010
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