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Does Invisible Glass Wiper Blades Really Work?

You may have driven through rain or snow a number of times that you are quite familiar with how ineffective at clearing your windshield conventional wipers may be. Instead of putting up with this safety hazard, you might want to switch to using Invisible Glass Wiper Blades on your car instead. The manufacturer claims that these blades will allow for better clearing of your windshield without any added issues. The Invisible Glass Wiper Blades are made out of silicone instead of the conventional rubber. This makes the wiper blades come into closer contact to the windshield for a thorough clearing should it be raining or snowing, minimizing the negative impact to your visibility. The InvisibleGlass Wiper Blades is able to achieve this effect without unnecessary friction to your windshield, preventing squeaking or scratches from happening on your windshield area. The manufacturer also promises that the silicone of Invisible Glass Wiper Blades makes it resistant to temperature changes and damage, making it some of the most durable wiper blades you can put on your car.

Invisible Glass Wiper Blades Reviews

Yes - No streaking!
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Works great, I tried 3 different wiper brands and finally got this and I don’t get any streaking. I’m happy with it

August 10th, 2015
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No - Cheap plastic frames
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Sort of worked OK until exposed to the 100+ degree heat wave that recently came through.

The plastic frames warped and deformed, causing the wipers to screech, skip, streak and miss LARGE areas of the windscreen.

Had to drive home with the wipers OFF during the heaviest rain storm this season so I could see!

Also, the locks for the “J hooks” kept coming undone, and had to be secured with tie-wraps.

Fortunately, The blades themselves fit perfectly in my old “Metal” Michelin frames…

Glad I hadn’t thrown them away…

Johnny 5
July 4th, 2015
North Carolina
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No - Don't Purchase
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

I purchased these about 6 weeks ago for my 2008 Trailblazer. They work absolutely wonderful and flawless for about 2-3 weeks. Now they barely clear the window and leave streaks all over. Definitely better off just buying a high quality pair at your local automotive store. Good luck if you decide to try these.

May 9th, 2015
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Yes - Love these silicone wipers!
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

The wipers have been fantastic! Whether it’s just a little spray off the big rigs or really raining, they’ve been great. Plus, so much better when I was in the snowy ice last week – love ’em!

February 24th, 2015
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