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Does Invisalign Really Work?

Invisalign is a product that claims to straighten your teeth. The product is widely popular due to its transparent nature making it hardly noticeable once in place. Users will have to switch aligners every two weeks, with each replacement applying lesser force than before. Invisalign also claims to work faster than traditional braces, and since every Invisalign is to be custom-made to fit a patients’ unique condition, an Invisalign may be more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Invisalign is produced from implantable-grade polyurethane and manufactured by Align Technology, Inc.

Invisalign Reviews

Yes - It's not easy, but it works!
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I am 32 years old and just finished my Invisalign treatment, which lasted a year and cost $5,000. When I got my first set of aligners, I could not believe how much they hurt to wear… but my sister, a dental assistant, recommended that I take some ibuprofen to get rid of the pain, which helped a lot. It was uncomfortable to remove & replace the aligners (for eating & drinking) for the first couple months of using the product, but it eventually got easier. My dentist said that many people do not comply with the treatment plan and do not wear their aligners enough because “it hurts”, but it is vitally important to wear them for 22 hours a day! Ibuprofen really does help a lot with that. I am now finished with my treatment, my teeth are now straight, and I am smiling a lot more than I ever have!

September 29th, 2011
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Yes - Works Great But Pricey
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I am 54 years old and did not want to be wearing silver braces. The invisalign took quite some time but my teeth were quite crooked. Expect to spend about twice as long in them and spend twice as much. I am very pleased with my results.

May 22nd, 2011
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