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Does Instant Trainer Leash Really Work?

While fun and fulfilling, being a pet owner is not always an easy role to play. It requires a natural ability to handle and discipline pets. Pet owners, particularly those who have dogs, will benefit from a number of products available in the online market that are intended for making it easier to take care of pets. One example is the Instant Trainer Leash. A leash that is said to effectively control dogs when they are being taken out for a walk, the Instant Trainer Leash can be attached to any type of collar and works well for dogs of various breed and size. Instant Trainer Leash claims to gently restrain dogs from pulling their owners during walks and comes in 5-ft and 10-ft length varieties.

Instant Trainer Leash Reviews

Yes - No pull for my pitbull
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Choker chains,harnesses,muzzle leashes, they were all failures when walking my young pit bull. He is a good dog but gets excited on walks, and started pulling. But not after using this leash. It gently snugs up around his midsection if he pulls and pressure is released when he slows down. Didn’t take long for him to discover that. Now he walks without pulling . Walks at heel now even with a regular leash. Not only broke him from pulling but trained him. Great product!

January 19th, 2015
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